Dani Olmo will be eager to impress against Bayern Munich on Matchday 23. - © Boris Streubel/Bundesliga
Dani Olmo will be eager to impress against Bayern Munich on Matchday 23. - © Boris Streubel/Bundesliga

RB Leipzig's Dani Olmo relishing Saturday clash against Bayern Munich


Ahead of RB Leipzig's mouth-watering trip to face Bayern Munich, bundesliga.com sat down with Leipzig schemer Dani Olmo to discuss Saturday's game and to gain some insight into the Spanish trickster's talented teammates.

bundesliga.com: What is so special about playing Bayern, particularly at the Allianz Arena?

Dani Olmo: It is always special. Bayern, of course, is always an opponent that motivates us. We have played them twice so far this season. We beat them once, we drew the second at home, so we want to beat them there. Of course, we both need the points so it's going to be a top game, for sure.

To what extent have the last few duels given you and the whole team more confidence against Bayern instead of two years ago? Is it something that keeps building every time you don’t lose?

Of course, Bayern is always a tough opponent. I remember in previous years we played against them, we played well but at the end we would lose maybe 1-0, 3-2. I remember one game at their place which we won 2-3, if I remember right - during COVID-19. But yeah, it's always tough against them. They have top-class players and a top-class team. So in the end it is always a fight. For me as a player, it motivates me a lot, always.

How would you rate the 3-0 DFL Supercup victory earlier this term and would you say that was one of your best, if not THE best, personal performance in a game?

I would say it was a perfect game from all of us and for me individually, of course, to score three goals there at the Allianz in Munich and to win a trophy. It was for sure one of my best performances. But of course we have to keep going, because football never stops. Now we have another chance to play in the Allianz - I hope it goes well.

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Have your teammates been asking for another hat-trick or do they say that in a light-hearted way in the dressing room?

Yeah, it can always be a joke. But we have to be humble and keep our feet on the ground. We just have to keep going because, for sure, it's not going to be the same game like it was in the Supercup. As I say, both of us need the win, so we will both give 100% and more. It's going to be a good game to watch for the spectators.

The UEFA European Championships will be played in Germany this summer, and you are likely to be a part of the Spain squad. Will it be extra special for you because you’ve been in Germany for over three years now?

Yes, it will be special. I hope I will be called up, of course, but if I am, we will have the chance to play in the stadiums I normally play in throughout the Bundesliga season. So of course it's going to be special for me.

What makes your teammate Xavi Simons so exciting to watch?

Xavi is a different player. He has showed that since he arrived. We connect really well on the pitch, but he also can do things on his own. He has an amazing dribbling technique, and can finish as well. He's a really complete player and for us, for our system, for how we play, our idea, the coach's idea, it is perfect for us. Now, he's in really good shape so this is very helpful.

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What else does Loïs Openda bring to the team besides goals or assists?

He's a different player we have up there. Of course, he is not so big and not so tall but he's fast and strong. In the end this makes a difference sometimes in counter-attacks. We're a team that is always trying to play forward and for this he is also a perfect player for us. That's why he has scored so many goals so far and we hope he will keep scoring more and more. This will be good for us.

Are there similarities between you and Xavi, and what differences are there as well?

We are both players that like to combine, to dribble and to finish moves. Of course, he has different qualities to me, and I to him. But we both connect really well on the pitch. We both try to play forward all the time and try to be involved as much as possible while helping the team to perform. Ultimately, we have the same goal, the same objective, which is to make the team play and win and this is what we have to keep doing.

- Olmo and Leipzig face Bayern at the Allianz Arena at 18:30 CET on Saturday.