Bayern Munich launch anti-racism campaign


Bayern Munich have launched a new anti-racism campaign titled ‘Reds against Racism’ as the club takes a stand against all forms of exclusion, abuse and intolerance.

As part of the initiative, 17 members of the club – ranging from senior players in the football team through to Bayern’s basketball players and board-level officials – took part in a photo shoot and provided statements on their own personal life journeys.

As captain of the current Bundesliga leaders, Manuel Neuer led by example with his statement. “I grew up in Gelsenkirchen, where German miners used to live next door to migrant workers from half of Europe. They relied on each other – there was no other way. That’s how I was brought up.

“In my youth, we’d meet up in the evenings at pizzerias or kebab shops. Nationality didn’t matter to us, it was about belonging to a club. I’m against any form of racism. I stand for tolerance and coexistence."

The t-shirts worn for the campaign are printed with the slogan in German (‘Rot gegen Rassismus’) and are available for purchase at all club shops and the Bayern online store for €15. All proceeds from the sales will go towards organisations that work to combat injustice in society.

The accompanying video (see above) further underlines Bayern’s commitment to the cause, as the participants say: “On the pitch, in the gym, in the changing room, in the stands, at work, at university, at school, at kindergarten, at the airport, in the supermarket, at the train station. Wherever and whenever; Reds against Racism.”

Watch: Leon Goretzka on Bayern's anti-racism campaign