"We have it in our own hands" - Thomas Tuchel after Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund in Der Klassiker


Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund served up a Klassiker that fully lived up to its billing, with Bayern's sensational 4-2 win bringing them ahead of their rivals and back into the Bundesliga's top spot. bundesliga.com rounds up the post-match reaction...

Bayern Munich

Thomas Tuchel (head coach): "It's not about Thomas Tuchel-style or whatever. We need to adapt to a better rhythm. We need to understand ourselves better. To control the match better. We want to have more ball possession. We want to have more control of the game than we had.

"The win means that we are on top of the table. It means we are where we want to be. Now it's a race to the end. We have to deliver every week once or twice. That is the life at Bayern Munich, but we have it in our own hands, and that's what we want."

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Joshua Kimmich (midfielder): "We had a nervous start. If we had lost, the title would have been out of our hands. We had a lucky opening goal, but it wasn't the case that we controlled the match for 90 minutes. We didn't want the match to be quite so wild and wanted to press higher, but we didn't manage that. We had to chase around a bit. We need to control games better and have calmer periods of play.

"There are eight games to go. We have to keep the focus high and focus on every game because we know we have to win every game. Dortmund won nine out of 10 games before tonight - so we know that they can win the last games of the season. So we have to do our job."

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Thomas Müller (attacker): "We didn't do everything perfectly, but we had this bite to us. We took the wind out of Dortmund's sails with our clinical touch in the first couple of goals. BVB couldn't offer much in the way of resistance.

"My goals were real striker's goals, and you just have to be there for them. I reacted well to them. I was annoyed by a pass to Choupo[-Moting] that would have given him a sitter if it was flatter. I made a wrong decision with Kingsley [Coman], too which led to an offside. We made lots of chances though, regardless."

Matthijs de Ligt (defender): "We need to watch game after game. Today was really important, but we still have a lot of games to play. Not only in this competition, but in the cup and Champions League. We just need to keep going like this and grow as a team."

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Borussia Dortmund

Jude Bellingham (midfielder): "It's one of those things as a goalkeeper, it can happen. When he [Gregor Kobel] makes a mistake, it's a guaranteed goal. When we make a mistake, we get chances to rectify it. He doesn't make many of them. I can only think of two or three off the top of my head, and he saves us a lot in other games. So it's one of those things that I'm sure he’ll learn from, and he'll be back next week. We just made up 10 points in eight games, and now it's only two. So there's no depression in Dortmund. And if there is, there shouldn't be. We'll be back."

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Gregor Kobel (goalkeeper): "I can't explain how the ball slipped through like that. It sucks, you have to say. There are just some awful days at times, and this was one of them. I made the right decision to come out, but I didn't connect with the ball. I have no idea how that happened. The goal is clearly my fault, and it's really painful."

Emre Can (midfielder): "It's almost impossible to win a game here in Munich. As for Greg [Kobel], like I said before, it happened but this guy has helped us so much this season, that's why we're not angry about it. The league is not finished yet. They're two points in front of us. We'll see what happens."

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Edin Terzic (head coach): "It would be ridiculous to sit here and say we got into the game well in the opening 15 minutes. It took us too long to get over the setbacks of conceding. We were 0-3 down after 22 minutes. That's just the way it was today. We are going to be very disappointed taking the plane home. It hurts. We will look at the table tomorrow, though, and see we are only two points behind. It's our first defeat of 2023, though, which hurts and makes us angry."

Marco Reus (captain): "The coach told us at half-time that it was rubbish how we went into a lot of situations. We faced a lot of breaks and Bayern used them well. We are only human, and we can't just shake off falling so far behind so easily. It doesn't help your confidence. We didn't give up, but it's difficult, of course, from that point."