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Cedric Teuchert | プロフィール

Cedric Teuchert
German de
24 年
182 cm

Cedric Teuchert was born on 14 January 1997 in Coburg and plays for 1. FC Union Berlin. He played for DVV Coburg from 2001-2009, for 1. FC Nürnberg from 2009-2018, for FC Schalke 04 from 2018-2019, for Hannover 96 from 2019-2020, for FC Schalke 04 from 2020-2020 and has played for 1. FC Union Berlin since 2020.

Current season 2020/21

In the current season, the player with the shirt number 36 has scored three goals and takes fifth place within his squad. He shares this rank with Sheraldo Becker. With one assist, the 1.82m-tall forward currently has the seventh-most in his team along with Robert Andrich, Grischa Prömel and Akaki Gogia. So far, Cedric Teuchert has taken 17 shots at goal. With this result he has secured himself, along with Marcus Ingvartsen, fourth place on the team-internal leaderboard for this category. Until now, Cedric Teuchert has been responsible for five passes to a shot and has therefore earned himself 10th place within the statistics of his club. In three of the previous 14 games of the season, he was in the starting line-up. Of these 14 games, he won 6 with his club. Additionally, he was substituted in for 11 games.

Bundesliga career and records

The 24-year-old has played 23 matches throughout the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won nine. So far, he has completed 14 matches with his present squad. Here, Cedric Teuchert has put a total of three balls in the net.