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Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection

for the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper (the "APP") of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "DFL").

The user declares that the user has understood these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection and agrees with them. If the user does not agree, the user is prohibited from using the APP.

1. Limit on liability

The content of this APP was prepared with the greatest possible care. However, the DFL assumes no warranty for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or other quality of the provided content. The use of the APP's content is at the user's own risk. Contributions designated with a name reflect the opinion of the respective author and not always the opinion of the DFL. Absolutely no contractual relationship comes into existence between the user and the DFL as a result of merely using the APP of the DFL. Liability for damages, regardless of the type and legal basis, is excluded unless the liability is based on intentional or grossly negligent misconduct.

2. Intellectual property, copyrights and protective rights

All rights are reserved. The intellectual property contained in this APP is protected. The user is not granted any license under this APP to use or exploit the intellectual property of the DFL. The content published in this APP, for example, texts, images, illustrations, sound, animation and videos, as well as how these items are ordered are subject to protection under German copyright law and law protecting work product and other protective laws. Every use or exploitation which is not permitted by German copyright law or the law protecting work product requires the prior written consent of the DFL or the respective holder of the right. This applies especially for the reproduction, modification, translation, storage, processing or communication of content in data bases or other electronic media and systems. The prohibited reproduction or communication of individual items of content or complete pages is not permitted. Production of copies and downloads is only permitted for personal, private and non-commercial use. The representation of this APP in third party frames is only permissible with written consent. The user is informed that the content contained in this APP is in part subject to third party copyrights. If the user is learns about any infringement of rights, the DFL requests corresponding notification. Upon learning about infringements of rights, the DFL will immediately remove such content.

3. Branding and trademark rights

All brands and trademarks of the DFL mentioned or shown in this APP are protected by law. This applies especially for trademarks, logos and emblems. All other brands and trademarks of third parties mentioned or shown in the APP are subject without any restriction to the provisions of the respectively applicable branding and trademark rights of the respective holders of these rights. Simply naming or showing these items expressly does not mean that such brands or trademarks are not protected by rights of third parties.

4. References and links

The APP contains links to websites of third parties ("external links"). These websites are subject to the liability of the respective operator. The DFL examined whether there were any violations of law when first linking to the external links of third party content. At that time, there were no apparent violations of the law. The DFL has absolutely no influence on the current and future structure and content of the linked sites. The setting of external links does not mean that the DFL is assuming as its own the content underlying the reference or link. The DFL cannot be reasonably expected to continuously monitor the external links without having specific information about violations of the law. Upon learning about violations of the law, however, such external links will be deleted without undue delay.

5. Data protection

5.1 Personal data

The DFL stores, processes and uses personal data which may be collected and stored when installing and using the APP in accordance with applicable provisions on data protection law in the Federal Republic of Germany.

All data containing information about the personal or other circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person constitute personal data. This includes e.g. the name, personalized email addresses, residential address, telephone number or the date of birth.

5.2 Data collection, processing and use, authorizations

No personal data of the user is protocoled on the server of DFL each time the user accesses the APP. The APP only receives access to

  • “Your Accounts“. This is needed for any “In App Purchases“ of the user and corresponding Subscriptions System tools. “In App Purchases“ are needed if the user purchases issues of the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper for a charge. In such a situation, the APP accesses the APP- Store-Account of the user so that the order of the issue of the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper for a charge can be processed. The user’s account data are not, however, stored in the APP and instead are transmitted using the interfaces for the APP-Store-Accounts of the user.
  • Systemtool “Prevent Tablet Sleeping Mode”. The access to this system tool is needed so that the user’s device does not change to the sleep mode while reading the Bundesliga Magazine E- Paper of the DFL. However, no user data are stored in the APP.
  • “Network communication“. This involves communication between servers and clients (access to the internet) and is necessary so that the user can download the issues of the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper. No data of the user is stored in the APP also in this case.
  • “Storage“. This access is needed so that the issues of the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper can be stored. The APP accesses only the data of the issues of the Bundesliga Magazine E-Paper downloaded by the user. The collection process and use of this data is for the purpose of enabling use of the APP.

5.3 Limited purpose for processing and using personal data

Any processing or use of personal data of the users of the APP occurs only for the purposes mentioned in this declaration about data protection and to the extent necessary to achieve the respective purpose.

Personal data are not published by the DFL or disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

Transmissions of personal data to government agencies and public authorities occurs only in accordance with mandatory national provisions in the law or if the disclosure is necessary in the case of attacks on the network infrastructure in order to pursue rights and for purposes of criminal prosecution.

5.4 Storage and deletion of personal data

Any stored personal data are deleted immediately and permanently as soon as the data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or the user demands this unless the DFL is required by law to do preserve the data. If the DFL is required on the basis of provisions in the law to preserve the data, the stored personal data and pseudonymized usage data will be permanently deleted upon expiration of the time periods for preserving data required by law.

5.5 Security

The DFL uses technical and organizational security measures in order to protect any collected and stored personal data of the users against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. The security measures are continuously adapted in accordance with technological developments.

5.6 Right to information, correction, blocking or deletion of data

The user has a right of information with regard to any stored personal data of the user, and the user also has a right to have incorrect data corrected and to have data blocked and deleted. The user can contact the DFL at

6. Applicability, validity and timeliness of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection

The Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection are current and are dated as of 10 September 2015. The DFL reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of Use and Data Protection at any time with effect for the future, especially for the purpose of adaption to a further development of the APP or application of new technologies.