• Wolfsburg disappointed after being knocked out in Champions League last eight.
  • Cristian Ronaldo scores hat-trick for Real Madrid.
  • Luiz Gustavo gives away free-kick from which Ronaldo scores winner.

Disappointment was the watchword for the VfL Wolfsburg players after a 3-0 defeat to Real Madrid CF knocked the Wolves out of the UEFA Champions League at the quarter-final stage.

Luiz Gustavo came close to scoring a vital away goal in the first half, but ultimately it was his foul on Luka Modric which led to the free-kick from which Cristiano Ronaldo scored the tie's decisive goal in the 77th minute. The Brazlian midfielder told the media of his frustration after the final whistle...

Question: Luiz Gustavo, as soon as the final whistle blew, you and almost all the Wolfsburg players fell to the floor in disappointment. What was going through your head at that moment?

Luiz Gustavo: I know exactly what it means for the players and the club to be knocked out of the Champions League in the quarter-finals. I was really annoyed, because we had a chance to qualify, and that hurts. I hope that we can learn from this game, because it’s now going to be really tough to qualify again [this season].

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Question: In the first leg, Wolfsburg played very confidently and beat Real 2-0. Why couldn’t you manage to do that in the Bernabeu?

Gustavo: You’d have to ask each individual player that. It’s quite hard to come up with a good answer. I can only talk about myself and I have enjoyed every second of being in the Champions League. I know how tough it is to play at this level and that’s exactly why I’ve always tried to enjoy it and give it my all. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to produce the type of performance we’re capable of in the Bernabeu and the favourites won.

Question: You were involved in the key moments in the game: You gave away the free-kick from which Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winner. How did you see the tackle on [Luka] Modric? Was it a foul?

Gustavo: Honestly? I took everything: the ball and the man.

Question: So the referee’s decision was correct in your opinion?

Gustavo: The referee’s decision is always correct. He didn’t have to give a foul, but he blew for one. When he did, we knew of course that it could be dangerous, because everyone is aware of how well Cristiano takes free-kicks, even if that one was a bit lucky.

Question: Why is it so difficult to play against Ronaldo? Wolfsburg tried everything to stop him, but he still managed to score three goals.

Gustavo: He’s just crazy about scoring goals. He’s always moving and tries everything to score. He did that perfectly against us.

Alexander Barklage reporting from Madrid.

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