One of SV Darmstadt 98's most famous fans will be in attendance at the Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor on Friday night to not only cheer the Lilies on, but also to man the grill station.

Tennis superstar Andrea Petkovic made a bet with head coach Dirk Schuster back in August that were his side not to lose to Hannover 96 on Matchday 1, that she would grill and serve sausages for a whole half at the game against 1. FC Köln. After grinding out a 2-2 draw in their 2015/16 opener, Darmstadt are now ready to collect on the good-spirited wager.  

Hello dear Dirk, hallo wonderful SportStudio [Schuster was a guest on German TV show Aktuielle Sportstudio that week].

I’m Andrea Petkovic saying hello from sunny and war Toronto. I heard that Dirk Schuster is your guest today and I wanted to send him my best wishes, and propose a little wager:

If Darmstadt win or draw against Hannover, I’ll offer my services to grill sausages for an entire half at the stadium. If Darmstadt lose, well I always need a few ball boys at training, so you Dirk, your assistants or anyone else can certainly take over for a day. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll cross my fingers. See you all soon!

Die Karten liegen auf dem Tisch. Jetzt bist Du am Zug, Dirk. #svd

Posted by Andrea Petkovic on Saturday, 8 August 2015

'We did everything to make sure she lost'

“It’s a tremendous thing that a world-renowned star from the tennis scene would make a bet like that in the first place,” said Schuster of the Darmstadt native and die-hard Lilies fan. “Naturally we did everything we could to make sure she lost that wager and are delighted that she’ll be here on Friday.

"If we don’t see her before the game, we’d just like to let her know that we’d be over the moon if she could grill up four bratwurst for the coaching staff and bring them to the dressing room after the game,” joked the Darmstadt head coach. However, it seems Petkovic is taking the bet very seriously according to this Facebook post from August.

"Straight away, a nervous thriller upon our Bundesliga comeback. A very strong performance from the Lilies! I’m already practicing so that I can settle my gambling debts."

Schorsch, mei Drobbe! Gleich ein Nervenkrimi zum Bundesliga-Comeback. Ganz starke Leistung der Lilien! Ich übe dann schon mal, um meine Wettschulden begleichen zu können. #nurdersvd #wurstcasescenario

Posted by Andrea Petkovic on Saturday, 15 August 2015