FC Bayern München coach Pep Guardiola had only praise for his team after they swept aside Arsenal FC 5-1 on Wednesday to move to within touching distance of the UEFA Champions League knockout stages.


Goals: 1-0 Lewandowski (10'), 2-0 Müller (29'), 3-0 Alaba (44'), 4-0 Robben (55'), 4-1 Giroud (69'), 5-1 Müller (88')

Pep Guardiola (Bayern coach): "Congratulations to my team. We found it easier at 1-0 up and kept getting better with the fans behind us. Thiago is a big player and personality. He's very strong in important games, even if he still has a lot to learn. In the second half, we wanted to control the game, but we gave them many opportunities to counter-attack. We have to improve on that. We are almost through. Now, we want to win against Olympiacos and finish top of the group."

Philipp Lahm (Bayern captain): "We played better, quicker, more on the wings and we crossed more than in the first game. The early goal did us a lot of good."

Thomas Müller (Bayern forward): "We achieved our goal of winning the match. This was a key game for us. We would have had our work cut out to qualify for the Last 16. We played in a very serious manner. Today, we took a big step forward. If we win our next game, we should be through."

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal coach): “You have to acknowledge Bayern's quality. We did that, but we also made it easy for them with our defending. We still have a chance of qualifying for the Last 16. It's a small chance, but a chance. You can't be negative now, but you have to stare reality in the face. Our performance was not good enough."

Per Mertesacker (Arsenal defender): "They scored an early goal and that helped them get into their stride. We didn't start as well as we did at home. The way Bayern played, we couldn't do anything about it. We simply have to be more courageous."