Barcelona - Pep Guardiola’s return to the stage where he created everlasting memories as a player and head coach proved to be one to forget as his FC Bayern München side fell victim to a ruthless FC Barcelona performance, losing 3-0 in their UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg.

Following the demoralising defeat that has left them on the brink of falling at the same hurdle in Europe’s premier club competition for a second successive season, the pain etched on the faces of the FC Bayern players and fans was all too apparent. Talking to the assembled press after the encounter, German international Jerome Boateng provided a frank critique of his side’s collapse in the final quarter of the game.

Question: Jerome Boateng, what happened in the last 15 minutes of the match? Until then you had kept Messi and Co. relatively quiet...

Jerome Boateng: We coped well for 75 minutes and then well fell apart, we can’t allow that to happen. It’s a shame and disappointing that we’ve ended up losing 3-0 despite having played well for 75 minutes.

Question: How much hope do you have heading into the second leg? You’ve often been able to overcome deficits like these, most recently against FC Porto.

Boateng: Barcelona are a different side though. Our aim should be to win the game in Munich. If we’re perhaps able to grab an early goal there, then there’ll be a glimmer of hope. Naturally it’s incredibly difficult to turn a two-legged tie around against a team like this. Losing 3-0 is a bit different to 3-1.

Question: It ended up being just as Pep Guardiola had predicted: Messi cannot be stopped over 90 minutes!

Boateng: Of course it’s difficult to stop him over the full 90 minutes. We managed to do that really well up until the 70th minute, but then we didn’t do well as a collective unit and can’t fall apart like that.

Question: What was the reason behind the team’s late collapse?

Boateng: We’ve already gift-wrapped a game against Dortmund this season. We’ve got to be better at standing together as a team. The first goal was annoying and the other goals are ones that we just shouldn’t be conceding.

Question: Messi, Suarez and Neymar. What was it like to play against such top strikers?

Boateng: I knew before the game that they’re superb players. We defended well against them as a team for the majority of the match. Of course they had a few chances, but that’s normal for players with their level of ability. You can’t get to grips with a player like Messi on your own, it only happens as a result of a collective effort. That saps you of a lot of energy.

Question: After a quarter of an hour, Guardiola switched from a three-man to a four-man backline. Could that be the right approach for the second leg?

Boateng: Yes. We changed things after a short amount of time and it worked much better as a result. Obviously we didn’t have as much possession as we’re used to, but we performed well for so long, which makes it all the more annoying that we’ve lost so heavily. We gave the ball away easily too many times, which against a team like this is deadly.

Question: You’ve wrapped up the Bundesliga title, in the DFB Cup you were . Only a miracle can save you against Barcelona. What’s your assessment of FC Bayern’s current situation?

Boateng: It’s disappointing. After a game like this we’ve got to gather ourselves again. In the second leg our target has to be taking to the pitch as a cohesive unit, try to win and if that works, we’ve got to make the most of it.

Question: Is it possible to beat Barcelona 3-0 or more?

Boateng: We’ve got nothing to lose anymore and have to give everything we’ve got in order to prove ourselves.

Alexander Barklage reporting from Barcelona