Dortmund - Borussia Dortmund captain held nothing back as he discussed the whys and wherefores of his side's demoralising 5-1 aggregate defeat at the hands of Juventus FC in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

The 26-year-old believes BVB simply weren't good enough over two legs - least of all in Wednesday's decisive 3-0 reverse at the Signal Iduna Park - but is determined to steer the 1997 winners back on the right track next term...

Question: Mats Hummels, what was the atmosphere like in the dressing room after your exit from the competition?

Mats Hummels:: Quiet, disheartened. Obviously no one was smiling. We know that we played badly and deserved to go out. No one's questioning that. Juventus were right on it and played some great stuff, especially in the second half, and we didn't do anything either defensively or in attack to get ourselves back into the game.

Question: Over two legs, Dortmund lost the game 5-1 on aggregate. Was it simply a case of Borussia not being good enough for a place in the quarter-finals?

Hummels: You might say we haven't been good enough this year to really do something in the Champions League and now you've seen why. Losing 5-1 is in part down to taking a few risks, admittedly, but the point is we're out. Other than in the first half in Turin, we didn't play well at all and we know it.

Question: BVB barely caused Juventus any problems and hardly had any shots on goal. What was that down to?

Hummels: We just didn't create any chances - it started against Hamburg. Before that we were scoring and before that we experienced another lull. We're really inconsistent at the moment. For me, there are different reasons as to why.

Question: Why is it?

Hummels: We definitely don't get enough men in the box when we have the ball out wide. And we rarely shoot from range. There are a few things we have to work on.

Question: Were there also too many individual runs and not enough team moves against Juve?

Hummels: I actually thought that we often tried to combine in tight spaces, and then we'd try again without moving towards goal. We were always looking to play the extra pass. Perhaps sometimes you just have to [find the killer pass] from 25 yards. We only managed that once or twice against Juve. But against a team that sits so deep that's a suitable ploy - at least in theory anyway.

Question: Are you aware that that's probably it for Dortmund in the Champions League for the next 18 months?

Hummels: 'Probably' is the wrong choice of word. The party's over for us in the Champions League for the next 18 months now. Nothing can be done about that. It's a shame. They've been hugely enjoyable nights for everyone who's come to watch us in the Champions League in recent years. Getting back into the Champions League is definitely our goal next season."

Dietmar Nolte reporting from Dortmund