Munich - Things must be bad when not even FC Bayern München's Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky can manage a post-match smile.

Speaking in the wake of the holders' ignominious UEFA Champions League semi-final exit at the hands of Real Madrid CF on Tuesday, the 24-year-old discussed the whys and wherefores of his side's sorry 5-0 aggregate defeat, before briefly looking ahead to Saturday's trip to Hamburger SV...

Question: Thomas Müller, what did you make of the build-up to Sergio Ramos' opening goal?

Thomas Müller: He dropped a shoulder, which sent me in the wrong direction. That's what it felt like anyway. The next thing I saw was him heading the ball into the net. I had a part to play in it.

Question: Defensively vulnerable and unable to create hardly anything in attack - how do you explain that?

Müller: Real Madrid set it up really well. They almost always had eight men behind the ball. We're finding it hard enough at the moment hitting 100 per cent, let alone against teams of their calibre. It wasn't for the want of trying, we just didn't create the chances we were after. That's without doubt down to Real's discipline.

Question: Did Bayern's matchplan hit a brick wall? Chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said Real definitely exposed Bayern's limitations...

Müller: If Real come here and win 4-0 without us creating any really decent chances, then the second point is definitely right. Now we have to analyse things. I'm not one to question the system. We've got to show we can bounce back and end the season on a high.

Question: How would you rate the campaign following your exit from the Champions League?

Müller: Everyone has their own view of the season. Right now, it doesn't feel that great because we just lost 4-0. If we win the DFB Cup, then on paper it will have been a great campaign. We won the Bundesliga title in record time and made the Champions League semi-finals. Of course aspirations at the club went through the roof following last season's treble. That's completely normal and it should be our yardstick. Still, today's defeat was a bitter pill to swallow and it's not enough to say afterwards that it was nice just to have made the semis. However, you still have to keep things in perspective. There are plenty of teams in the competition good enough to win on their day.

Question: How do you deal with the fact that it was the highest home European Cup defeat in the club's history?

Müller: That's not important - not for me anyway. Whether you lose 20-0 or win 2-1, going out is going out.

Question: How do you plan to crack such deep-lying teams in the future? It sometimes looked like you were missing the necessary means.

Müller: We don't have to think about Real again this year. Overall, the first leg wasn't too bad. We controlled the game much more than in the second leg.

Question: Did winning the title in March play a part? Was it perhaps too early...?

Müller: It's a fact our form has dropped of late, but winning the title so early didn't make us concede two early goals from set pieces against Real. The game was over after that.

Question: How do you prepare for this weekend's game against Hamburg after such a defeat?

Müller: We have to show that we're back on it, but there's still a few days to go.

Andreas Messmer reporting from the Allianz Arena