bundesliga.com How do you rate the chances of Borussia Dortmund going through?

Hitzfeld: Borussia Dortmund are favourites against Zenit St Petersburg. Zenit have big names such as Hulk, Domenico Criscito, Danny or Roman Shirokov, who I like a lot, but they've not been very consistent in recent years. Therefore, I think Dortmund have an advantage in terms of their mentality. The Russians aren't as strong in that department so Dortmund, given the way they've developed in recent years, are favourites.

bundesliga.com And when Schalke face Real, would you say the Spaniards are favourites?

Hitzfeld: I would say so. Schalke have had ups and downs this season and had their backs to the wall at one time, However, they have always been able to deliver top performances when it mattered. Nevertheless, Schalke are outsiders against Real, purely when you look at who Real have in their side: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema are a world-class front three.

bundesliga.com That means you don't really believe Schalke can get the better of them?

Hitzfeld: Of course Schalke have a chance, but they're the outsiders. If we're talking about who the favourites are, then it's quite clear, but that's not to say Schalke have no chance. If they can produce two top performances, then they can beat Real. Madrid have had plenty of draws in the Spanish league and they've had to take one or two defeats to so they're not necessarily unbeatable.