Dortmund - Arsenal FC’s first shot came after 62 minutes of a Borussia Dortmund-dominated UEFA Champions League Group F clash, yet it proved the winner. Neven Subotic was, perhaps rightly, aggrieved.

After the game, the Serbian centre-back talked about the goal Dortmund conceded, an undeserved defeat, and with a critical, analytical eye judged his side’s performance in the 1-0 defeat.

Question: Mr. Subotic, Dortmund had the game completely under control, but Arsenal took the points home. Just how frustrated are you as a team?

Neven Subotic: We were by far the better side and didn’t even pick up a point. As you can imagine, it’s hugely frustrating. It was a really unlucky defeat, and, from my point of view at least, undeserved. Our performance only lacked a goal.

Question: Was Arsenal converting their chance the difference between the sides this time out?

Subotic: In the first half, not only did we have more chances than Arsenal, but better chances. In the second half it was the same story. The difference was absolutely that - we didn’t make the most of our opportunities. Arsenal had fewer chances than us, and nothing really of note. They crossed twice, however, and one of the opportunities found its way in. We didn’t quite show the efficiency that they did.

Question: Was Aaron Ramsey’s winner avoidable?

Subotic: It was actually a similar situation to Arsenal’s goal in our 2-1 win a couple of weeks ago. The deep cross comes in towards Olivier Giroud, he nods it down, and it’s left to Ramsey to poke it in from a few yards out. Everyone knows that with players like Bacary Sagna and Mesut Özil, Arsenal are more than capable of whipping dangerous balls into the box, and that Giroud is very strong in the air. We were perhaps a little asleep, and had a reminder of exactly how good you have to be in the Champions League. Every mistake is punished and used against you.

Question: When the goal was scored in the 62nd minute, Dortmund had a shot count of eleven to Arsenal’s none…

Subotic: That’s a pretty stark contrast. The numbers correspond to the feeling I had on the pitch. We attacked pretty well and did have our chances, even if it was hard to break them down. For the most part they had eight men 30 metres from goal and defended very compactly. Even so, we should have scored. I know we can, and I also know that we’ll bounce back against S.S.C. Napoli in the next game.

Question: At the moment, Dortmund are third in the group, and three points behind Napoli and Arsenal. How are you looking at the situation now?

Subotic: This was a really, really important game for us. There are only six group games and we’ve now lost two of them. It would have been good at least to have picked up a point tonight. We can rectify things however, providing we win our next home game against Napoli. Then we’ll have every chance of qualifying, it’s still very open in the group.

Transcribed by Dietmar Nolte/Translated by Daniel Thacker

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