Plzen - Rarely is Thomas Müller not in the thick of the action. Even if his performance doesn’t quite match his own lofty standards, the German international is guaranteed to get stuck in. However, in the narrow 1-0 win against FC Viktoria Plzen the 24-year-old, like almost the entire FC Bayern München side, was far from his best.

“We’re currently lacking the ease of play. Games aren’t being handed to us on a silver platter, instead we’re having to dig deep every time,” explained Müller, highlighting the current trials and tribulations facing the reigning European champions, despite their results being far from a source of complaint.

Following the hard-fought victory against the Czech titleholders, Müller talked about FC Bayern’s courageous hosts, match-winner Mario Mandzukic and the upcoming challenges ahead of their Bundesliga encounter with FC Augsburg in the Allianz Arena.

Question: Mr. Müller, why did FC Bayern have such a tough time in the away tie against Viktoria Plzen?

Müller: We haven’t covered ourselves in glory, but we have won. That was the most important thing. Plzen defended far better than they did in Munich. It’s definitely not a cakewalk to play against a side like this in such a small stadium. However, we didn’t put in our best performance and made far too many simple mistakes. It’s irrelevant whether they happened up front or in defence, the bottom line is that we can’t let them happen.

Question: The gaps in midfield were particularly noticeable though. Why was that?

Müller: Plzen played at a very high tempo and repeatedly played risky passes in an attempt to move the ball forward quickly. As a result they managed to bypass the midfield. That meant that [Pavel] Horvath was almost always playing long balls over the top. That we couldn’t prevent every single one is obvious, but Plzen certainly didn’t do themselves an injustice.

Question: Did Bayern deserve to win then?

Müller: When you look at the statistics we were clearly the superior side. However, our chance conversion was far from optimal. A narrow 1-0 win in which Viktoria had plenty of chances was certainly not what we were hoping for before the encounter.

Question: You’ve got to be delighted to have a natural goalscorer in Mario Mandzukic within your ranks then?

Müller: Whether he plays from the start or is brought on off the bench, it’s always important to have a player who is so adept in the air in the team.

Question: What’s behind FC Bayern’s current “slump” in form?

Müller: It’s really difficult to say. We’re currently lacking the ease of play. Games aren’t being handed to us on a silver platter, instead we’re having to dig deep every time. Nowadays in modern football that always necessary, but we’re hoping to have a match again sometime soon where we really hit our stride.

Question: Could that be the case in your next Bundesliga match against FC Augsburg?

Müller: We’ve got to think about everything so that we can get things going again. The expectations are of course still very high. Ultimately though we’ve won all four group games. We’ve got work harder, continue improving our performances and then we’ll see what comes out of our game with Augsburg.

Michael Reis reporting from Plzen