Gelsenkirchen - The UEFA Champions League can be an unforgiving old beast: FC Schalke 04 talent Max Meyer can attest to that.

The young German midfielder inadvertently contributed to the Royal Blues' downfall at home to Chelsea FC on Tuesday night, but believes there is a lesson to be learned ahead of Matchday 10's Revierderby showdown against Borussia Dortmund...

Question: Max Meyer, your goalkeeper Timo Hildebrand spoke of the game as being somewhat of a schooling. What can and what must Schalke take from the contest?

Max Meyer: It was an example of how to take your chances. Chelsea were simply cleverer than us. They didn't have many chances, but they made them count. We also had a few opportunities, but didn't score. When you put that together, you're bound to lose as emphatically as we did.

Question: Are you saying the scoreline was too high for your liking?

Meyer: The 3-0 result looks obvious enough, but I don't think it tells the whole story. In my view, we were better than Chelsea for long periods in the game. They let us play, but were clinical in the key moments. They were more consistent and composed.

Question: So do Schalke need to work particularly hard on their finishing in order to be able to match Chelsea in two weeks' time?

Meyer: We really didn't play badly, so we've got nothing to fear, but we have to take our chances. We had a few good opportunities, but were unlucky in front of goal. Chelsea also have a phenomenal goalkeeper in Petr Cech, who reacted brilliantly to some situations. If we are more clinical in front of goal, defend well and don't make mistakes, then we can take something from the game in London.

Question: Despite the result, was the game an experience for you as a young player?

Meyer: The Champions League is, of course, always a great experience. Playing against Chelsea is also something special that you really enjoy. Every kid dreams of playing in such games. It's not as enjoyable when you lose.

Question: Is this kind of game against Chelsea also a particular challenge for you?

Meyer: In some cases, you're under a lot more pressure in the middle of the park than in the Bundesliga. The opponents are immediately on you and there's not much time to react to loose balls. You have to keep your head up and make decisions quickly.

Question: You gave away possesion, which led to the counter that culminated in Chelsea's second goal. Was that a bit of a nightmare moment for you?

Meyer: You could say that. There was a breakdown in communication with Julian Draxler. I was expecting the one-two, but he kept going. I have to take the blame for it. The lads picked me up and told me there was still time to turn it around. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

Question: Does the Chelsea defeat also serve as a bit of a wake-up call ahead of Saturday's derby against Borussia Dortmund?

Meyer: We have to forget about the game as quickly as possible and focus completely on Saturday's match because it's our duty to put in a good performance. If we take our chances, then we could be looking at a different outcome on Saturday.

Question: Is it a help or a hindrance when you have to play in the derby straight away?

Meyer: We take each game as it comes. Next up are Dortmund and we really want to get points on the board again. In any case, we have to and will be completely on our game come Saturday.

Interview by Dietmar Nolte/ Translation by Christopher Mayer-Lodge

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