Manchester - The anticipation is rising as FC Bayern München prepare to tackle Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.

Ahead of Wednesday's mouth-watering match-up, caught up with Citizens winger Samir Nasri to get his two pennies' worth on the defending champions, France international colleague and, of course, the game itself. Mr Nasri, will Wednesday’s game between Manchester City and FC Bayern go some way to determining the group’s winners?

Samir Nasri Both teams won their first games. Whoever wins this one will certainly have a psychological advantage during the rest of the group campaign. For us it’s about showing that we mean business this season. How do you rate FC Bayern?

Nasri: They’re defending champions. In the last four years, they’ve played in three finals. That’s extraordinary. They’re a force to be reckoned with yet again this season. This game is an opportunity for us to see where we’re at. You’ll come up against Franck Ribery, among others. What’s your relationship with him like?

Nasri: We’ve been friends since our time together at Olympique Marseille (2005-2007). For example, we spoke on the phone a number of times during the summer break. We spoke about the new coaches and players in our respective teams. I’m not in the slightest bit surprised how well he is playing at FC Bayern. He’s worked hard for it and has always had the talent. He’s always come through the bad times. I like him a lot. Was there once an opportunity for you to join FC Bayern?

Nasri: Yes, actually. Back in 2005-06 when I think Felix Magath was coach. There was concrete contact, but the transfer didn’t come off. It’s been a rough start to the season for Manchester City, the 4-1 win over neighbours Manchester United aside. How do you explain it?

Nasri: We still have to get used to the new coach. We’ve got a fantastic squad, with two or three players in each position. That’s why I’m convinced we’ll soon string together a winning run. What are Manchester City’s goals this season?

Nasri: We want to come off better than last season. That means winning the league title and getting through to the knock-out rounds of the Champions League, which hasn’t happened in the last two seasons. What has new coach Manuel Pellegrini changed?

Nasri: For him, it’s about having as much ball possession as possible, controlling the game and being compact. Playing like this, I think we’ll be able to compete with the best teams in Europe What are the differences between Pellegrini and his predecessor Roberto Mancini?

Nasri: Manuel Pellegrini has plenty of experience. He went far in the Champions League with former clubs Villarreal und Malaga, even though they weren’t favourites. If something isn’t right for him, he speaks about it immediately. You can really develop quickly as a player with these methods. It was different with Mancini. He didn’t speak as much with us. That was just his way. And you’ve become a regular fixture under Pellegrini...

Nasri: Since his first day in Manchester, we’ve had a magnificent understanding. Right from the start, he assured me I had an important role to play and that he needed me. I’ve played regularly and so far I’m very happy.

Interview by Alexis Menuge