London - Football fans the world over were in thrall to the decisive scene of Saturday's captivating UEFA Champions League final, as Arjen Robben sliced through the Borussia Dortmund defence and slipped a delicate finish past keeper Roman Weidenfeller before wheeling away to celebrate with team-mates and fans.

As FC Bayern's Flying Dutchman subsequently revealed, "I deliberately didn't look at the trophy beforehand...I just said to myself, 'I'll see you later'. That's easy to say afterwards, but it's really what went through my mind."

To cap an already jubilant night for the winger, who also provided the assist for Mario Mandzukic's opener, he was presented with the Man of the Match award as well, by recently-retired Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Speaking in the catacombs of Wembley stadium in the midst of Bayern's tumultuous postmatch celebrations, Robben touched on the setbacks of previous years, the key to success this time around in Europe and Saturday's forthcoming DFB Cup final.

Question: Arjen Robben, after scoring you appeared overcome with emotion. How did it feel?

Robben: It's a dream! It's impossible to forget what has happened in the past years, which was hugely disappointing. I can't say my entire career flashed through my mind, but certain moments did stand out. It's simply incredible.

Question: You missed two gilt-edged chances in the first half. Did you ever start doubting yourself?

Robben: During half time I thought to myself: 'I can't let it happen again. I can't allow chances like that to go begging and come away with nothing at the end'. But then I said to myself that I would get another opportunity and that's what happened.

Question: And what were you thinking when you finally got your hands on the trophy?

Robben: I deliberately didn't look at the trophy beforehand. I just said to myelf, 'I'll see you later'. That's easy to say afterwards, but it's really what went through my mind."

Question: What's the atmosphere like in the dressing room? Has the party started already?

Robben: The Brazilians certainly know how to party, but everyone's over the moon. Some of the players were involved in the two finals we lost previously, which just makes it all the more special.

Question: You're one of those players who was around in both 2010 and 2012…

Robben: I've had a lot of disappointments in my career and have played in a lot of finals. You don't want to come second and be the loser, you want to win things. This title comes way above all of that though. We really deserved to win it.

Question: Was the defence the key to success this year?

Robben: We learned a lot from last season and knew what we needed to do better. Above all, the four attacking players needed to change their style of play and now do a lot more defensive work, which makes it easier for our back four. When you beat Juventus 2-0 twice in the quarter-finals and then defeat Barcelona 3-0 and 4-0, then that says it all really.

Question: Given the forthcoming DFB Cup final against VfB Stuttgart, Jupp Heynckes has forbidden celebrating with fans. Are you OK with that?

Robben: No, we're not [laughs]. We've followed the coach's instructions all year, but now I think we'll be able to make our own decision. We've just won the Champions League, what more do you want?

Question: Jupp Heynckes wants to win the treble…

Robben: And so do we. Do you think that two days of celebrating will really affect our performance next Saturday?

Question: No, I don't think so.

Robben: There you go, me neither.

Michael Reis reporting from London