Munich - With the Bundesliga won in record time, the Meisterschale now officially handed over and the long-awaited night of revelry behind them, FC Bayern Munich are retraining their focus on an historic treble.

First up is a trip to Borussia Mönchengladbach this Saturday to round off the Bundesliga campaign, before decisive matches in the UEFA Champions League and DFB Cup finals.

In an exclusive interview, caught up with a rather hoarse to get his thoughts on the season run-in. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, congratualtions on winning the Bundesliga this term. How were Saturday’s celebrations?

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: Thank you. The celebrations were great, you can hear by my voice that it got quite loud! [Laughs]. It was important for us to win it, but more so for the fans, as they’ve been with us throughout the season - the stadium’s been full at every game. However, we still need to keep going, as we have two more objectives we want to achieve this season. Everyone is back on the training pitch with the right attitude and we’re all looking forward to the Champions League final. What is the atmosphere like in the dressing room with the final in mind?

Tymoshchuk: It’s the third time in the last four years that we’ve made it to the final and we’ve already lost twice, which isn't great. We were the better team in the final last year, but Chelsea won. Now we play Dortmund. In the last two or three years, both teams have played unbelievable football and now we’ve got this final in London. It’s great for German football, it doesn’t get any better than this for the fans. You mentioned that Bayern lost the last two Champions League finals. How much does that stick in the back of your mind?

Tymoshchuk: Of course, everyone thinks about it a little bit, even though it’s in the past. I’ve also thought: ‘It’s the third final in four years, we have to win it now after losing twice', but we also thought that last year. In my opinion we were better than Chelsea last year, but everyone knows know what happened. In football the best team doesn’t always win. Apart from the Supercup victory at the start of the season, Bayern have struggled to beat Dortmund in the last few years. What can you do differently this time?

Tymoshchuk: It won’t be easy. There’s never much in it whenever we play Dortmund, always just a goal or two. The last time we played them here in the Allianz Arena it finished 1-1, even though we were better and created more chances. And just recently in Dortmund we played well too. Everyone’s expecting an equally difficult game, with the same quality of football in the final. I think it’s unbelievable that the two best German teams in the last few years are in the final.

Interview by Jonathan Stockitt