Munich - After two stunning first-leg performances from the Bundesliga's representatives in their respective UEFA Champions League semi-finals, the international plaudits have been raining down on FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and, in particular on the back of his four-goal showing against Real Madrid, Robert Lewandowski. Here's a selection of the reactions to yesterday's match...


AS: "Lewandowski is Real's nightmare. Borussia Dortmund sweep Madrid aside, but Cristiano's goal throws them a lifeline. Now they need a comeback of historic proportions. Operation 3-0 begins here."

El Mundo: A total debacle for Real. The excuses are running out, they can practically write off a tenth European title. Only a miracle can prevent Dortmund reaching the final."

Superdeporte: "Lewandowski steamrollers Madrid."

El Pais: "There's no antidote to such brilliance. Bundesliga football is dazzling the planet. Madrid, the colossus of decades past, chasing their tenth title - yes, they have outstanding players. But Dortmund overpowered them."

Marca: "Disaster for Real! Lewandowski's star illuminates the pitch-black skies over Dortmund. The darkest night - the German curse is more powerful than ever. Once again, Madrid travel to the accursed land and take a beating. A steamroller flattens Real... the name Lewandowski will never be forgotten in Madrid."

United Kingdom

The Times: "It was planned as a celebration of English football. It is all set to become a festival of German brilliance. Football is coming home when Wembley hosts the Champions League final on May 25, but the FA’s 150th birthday party is likely to have 90,000 German guests. When Borussia Dortmund put a bedraggled Real Madrid to the sword last night, it was a staggeringly assured victory that matched Bayern Munich's battering of Barcelona in every brilliant way but the final margin."

The Guardian: "First Bayern Munich, now Borussia Dortmund. Barcelona fell on Tuesday; 24 hours later Real Madrid fell in a manner so similar, so comprehensive, as to further fuel suggestions that the European balance of power has moved north."

Daily Mail: "Just what everyone was hoping for at Wembley next month. The first all-German European Cup final. Fussball's coming home, everybody. Enjoy."

The Sun: Jose Mourinho was outclassed off the pitch and outwitted on it by Robert Lewandowski's Borussia FOURmund."


La Gazzetta dello Sport: "The Lewandowski Show, 4-1: Dortmund dish out a lesson to Madrid."

Tuttosport: "Love-andowski."

Corriere della Sera: "Lewandowski sinks Real."


L'Equipe: "Dortmund close to perfection."

So Foot: "Dortmund and Lewandowski give Real a four-fold folding."

The Netherlands

De Telegraaf: "The German final's on the way."