Dortmund - Borussia Dortmund took one giant leap towards the UEFA Champions League final with a turbo-charged 4-1 victory over Real Madrid CF to an ecstatic yellow-and-black backdrop at the Signal Iduna Park on Wednesday evening.

Man of the hour-and-a-half was Robert Lewandowski, who bagged all four goals for the hosts, the first player to achieve such a feat at the last-four stage of European football's elite club competition. The unsurprising focus of media attention after the match, Lewandowski summarised the overall performance as "Just excellent, we played really well. Real kept things on a pretty even footing in the first half, but after the interval they had no idea how to deal with us. We've taken another step forward, and that was the proof."

"One target, and that's Wembley"

As to his own not insubstantial contribution, the Poland international admitted, "Four goals - that's crazy! And I've just heard that's the first time anyone's done that in a Champions League semi-final. It felt fantastic! But what's most important, of course, is that we've beaten Real and we've got a good chance of reaching the final now."

Lewandowski stressed that the team had not in any way been affected by the leaked news that Mario Götze will be swapping Dortmund for Bayern Munich, which had overshadowed the build-up to the match. "We want to make the final at Wembley, that's all that matters. In that context, it's irrelevant where Mario Götze's playing next season. All the talk about that didn't mean anything to us here. We've got one target, and that's Wembley."

Klopp: "Football at its best"

Asked whether he shared the sentiment of the fans in the stadium already singing about a trip to London before the match was over, however, the 24-year-old forward warned, "We're not there yet. Real Madrid are always dangerous. We're going to have to be on our guard and totally focused from the first minute through to the final whistle in the return next week. That will be a different game altogether, and we'll have to put in another good performance there to come through it. But the chance is there for us to make the final, for sure. And we're not afraid of Real."

So much was made indubitably clear on Wednesday at the latest, the result taking Dortmund's tally against Real in the tournament this season to two wins and a draw, with one game now still outstanding. Head coach Jürgen Klopp colourfully acknowledged, "You've got to force yourself not to go completely nuts. We've still got to go to Madrid, that's not going to be a stroll in the park. We shifted up a gear in the second half, kept up the good work and shrugged off the bad stuff. It was incredible, football at its best."

Hummels anticipating stormy weather

A large slice of the "bad stuff" in question was Real's goal, a breakaway finished off by Cristiano Ronaldo shortly before the interval and effectively laid on by an underhit back-pass from Mats Hummels. "I think the whole team put in a great shift - apart from me," Dortmund's defensive coordinator critiqued after the match, "the lads played tremendously. But we know what to expect in Madrid. We're going to be hit by a hurricane."

For his part, Real coach Jose Mourinho candidly acknowledged that it was an "easy win" for "the better team." As to Lewandowski's performance, Mourinho said, "Of course the boy deserves credit for what he did but we gave him big support to be man of the match... When we know everything about him and we lose him in three goals, it's disappointing." Lewandowski now hopes to help compound that disappointment in the return at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu next Tuesday evening, but complacency is not on the agenda for him or anyone else in the Dortmund camp: "That's going to be one hot potato. So far, we've only taken the first step."

Angus Davison/Dietmar Nolte in Dortmund