Munich - Having taken his first steps in football as part of Real Madrid's youth team, Bayer 04 Leverkusen defender Daniel Carvajal knows Borussia Dortmund's Champions League semi-final opponents well.

The self-professed Real fan expects it to be a tough tie for Dortmund and, despite his penchant for the Spanish champions, he spoke of his admiration for the football Dortmund play and how their goalkeeper could be a key figure over both legs.

Question: Daniel, what can you tell us about Borussia Dortmund's goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller?

Carvajal: Well, he's a goalkeeper who exerts a lot of influence on the pitch, he uses the space available to him very well. When they played us in the BayArena [on Matchday 20], he was a big help to them winning the game.

Question: So he's a goalkeeper who makes his presence felt, who talks a lot to his team-mates, who gives out instructions…

Carvajal: Yes, absolutely. He's in constant communication with his team-mates, which is very good. As a defender you appreciate that level of communication from your goalkeeper.

Question: Will beating him be one of the biggest obstacles Real Madrid face on the way to the Champions League final?

Carvajal: I think the biggest obstacle is Borussia Dortmund themselves. They're a great team with very good players and you could see in the group stage that they made life hard for Real.

Question: What do you think will be the key for either side to reach the final?

Carvajal: Well, the most ruthless team, the one that makes the most of their chances will get there.

Question: Both teams are very good and have many players in their respective national teams. As a Spaniard playing in Germany, how do you feel about that?

Carvajal: You can see that the Bundesliga is getting bigger and bigger and now we've got two German-Spanish semi finals. It's clear to see that the Bundesliga is getting stronger and is growing constantly.

Question: How can a team beat Real Madrid?

Carvajal: That's a very difficult question. You have to hope Real have a bad day, but if they're on form and do what they normally do, then your chances of beating them aren't very high.

Question: And how can you beat Dortmund?

Carvajal: Dortmund are a great team, but I think Real have better players and are a better side overall. If Real play well and are consistent, then I think they're favourites to go through.

Question: So you're still a Real Madrid fan at heart?

Carvajal: Yes, I'm a Real Madrid fan and I have been all my life and I think they're a notch better than Dortmund, but in the group stages this season you could see that they could compete and they even beat them here in Germany.

Question: Would a dream final for you be an all-Spanish one?

Carvajal: As a Real Madrid fan, the perfect final for me would have to have Real Madrid there, but as a Spaniard obviously I'd like to see two Spanish teams in the final.