Munich - At the end of a crazy day, even the shock transfer of superstar Mario Götze was shifted from the back pages, as an even bigger story broke on the pitch at Munich's Allianz Arena on Tuesday evening, namely FC Bayern Munich sweeping FC Barcelona aside 4-0 in one of the most astonishing nights in UEFA Champions League history.

The star of the night was Thomas Müller, who was a thorn in the side for the Catalans and scored a goal in each half of Tuesday's semi-final first leg. His second arrived after he had suffered a clash with Barca keeper Victor Valdes and signalled to the bench that he needed to come off.

“I was still just about able to stand and push it in,” said the 23-year-old grinning. It was a truly fabulous result for the Bavarians that puts them on the brink of a third final in four years, but Müller himself preached caution ahead of next week' second leg at the Camp Nou.

Question: Thomas Müller, FC Bayern were dominant at times against one of the best teams in the world. What do you think of this 4-0 win?

Thomas Müller: It was no coincidence that we got this result when you look at the whole game. Obviously we couldn’t have imagined playing such a match beforehand. You never know what your form’s going to be like on the night, but we showed against Juventus that we’re there when we have to be and you can also see in our Bundesliga games that we can raise our game when we need to. It’s a good phase for us right now and the whole team is working, from number one to 25. It’s no real surprise that we won this match.

Question: But the way your team managed to subdue Barca’s attack is rather unusual, isn’t it?

Müller: I was particularly pleased that we hardly let them have a shot on goal and that we didn’t concede.

Question: You yourself made a major contribution to the win. How much do you enjoy nights like this?

Müller: I‘ll go home and start getting treatment for the knock I took. On Wednesday, it’s back to training. Let me celebrate a little, and then the focus turns to Saturday.

Question: In the second leg at the Camp Nou, FC Bayern have a very good cushion. How much are these four goals worth?

Müller: Yes, 4-0's not such a bad result. We’ve got to work hard in Barcelona and then we’ve got a good chance. But football’s football and you saw with Dortmund’s game against Malaga, when they scored two goals in the 90th minute that anything can happen.

Question: You were indirectly involved in the third goal, which was scored by Arjen Robben. Your body-check on Barcelona's Jordi Alba seemed like a foul. What did you think?

Müller: (smiles) That's how hard things are in Europe. If I do something clever once in a while, then I think it’s fair enough to let play continue.

Andreas Messmer reporting from the Allianz Arena