Munich - The Italian media pulled no punches in their reaction to FC Bayern Munich’s emphatic 2-0 win against Juventus FC in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League quarter-final. While the record German titleholders collected all the accolades, the ‘Old Lady’ found herself on the receiving end of some harsh criticism.

Tuttosport raved about a “Super Bayern” side, who they described as a “group of giants, before whom Juventus’ players were left quaking in their boots”. The Gazzetta dello Sport wrote about how Juve goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo, the “patron saints”, had “failed” before posing the dramatic question: “Are we nearing the end of the world?”

The reaction of the Italian press at a glance:

Gazzetta dello Sport: Juve wake up! Buffon and Pirlo disappointed. It’s a shame because it doesn’t happen often that the patron saints Pirlo and Buffon fail in this manner. Pirlo’s performance was so error-strewn it was untrue. Are we nearing the end of the world? Now a miracle is required. After losing two finals in the last three years, Bayern have now reached the necessary level of maturity. A few years ago Juve were only the seventh-best Italian side and have the right to undertake an international development process. However, if Juve want to remain competitive in Europe like the Italian national side, the team has to be able to rely on stronger players than Peluso, Matri and Quagliarella.

Corriere dello Sport: Two painful blows in Munich. Now it’s difficult to rouse themselves. The ‘Old Lady’ was dominated by Bayern Munich. Juve suffered their first defeat in the competition, the dream is gradually collapsing, but all is not lost just yet. Fate smiled on Bayern. Juve presented themselves as a submissive side and were put under a lot of pressure by the organisation, quality and speed of the Germans. Furthermore, Juve were also betrayed by the star players Buffon and Pirlo.

Tuttosport: Juve, don’t ever give up! Super Bayern were playing in Munich. Now the ‘Old Lady’ needs to produce a perfect performance in Turin. Most importantly head coach [Antonio] Conte has to select a different side to the one in Munich that succumbed to Bayern’s will, a group of giants, before whom Juventus’ players were left shaking in their boots. Buffon was unrecognisable - please tell us it isn’t true! Pirlo looked like he was sleepwalking. Bayern have reached the Champions League final - that shows that they have the talent to assert themselves in European matches. However, the same cannot be said of Juve.

Corriere della Sera: Juve sink into the shadows. All the players are travelling home with their heads hanging. Juve have been flying the flag for Italian football over the last two years, but the team didn’t have enough about them to put Bayern under any real pressure. Yet Bayern and Juventus have a lot in common, boasting players of the highest level. The difference is that Bayern have been playing at that level for several years and as a result the team has a lot of experience and self-belief. Meanwhile, Juve demonstrated their weakness at international level and their lack of personality in Europe.

La Repubblica: Juventus were unrecognizable in Munich. There was a far more drastic difference in the level of football than the 2-0 scoreline suggests between Bayern and Juve. After the first half Juve looked like a boxer on the ropes. Juventus were let down by their stars. The difference between them and the top teams is very big.