Stuttgart - As the Bundesliga's last man standing in this season's UEFA Europa League, VfB Stuttgart have given themselves an almighty mountain to climb following their first-leg home defeat to S.S Lazio in the last-16 of the competition.

Reflecting on what might have been and what is required of his side in the Italian capital next week, Danish midfielder spoke to after the game. William Kvist, how would you sum up the bitter 2-0 defeat to Lazio?

Kvist: At 0-0 we had every chance, but we were up against it once we fell behind. Conceding at home in Europe is always dangerous and once they got a second, that was just too much for us. Of course, the fact that Lazio are so experienced played its part. In the end, there was very little we could do. What did you make of Stuttgart's performance?

Kvist: It wasn't our best day that's for sure, but Lazio gave little away. They were a really tough opponent. How would you rate your own performance? You were substituted pretty early in the game.

Kvist: It wasn't my night. I felt good beforehand, especially as the last match went so well, but something was missing. It's a real shame that had to happen in such an important game. How much of a blow was it to lose Alexandru Maxim to injury? Until then, he was having a real influence on the game.

Kvist: That was a real blow. You saw his potential. He moves really well with the ball and played really well until the substitution. A broken nose and concussion - that's such a shame for him. He's one for the future. A 2-0 home defeat - have you still got a chance of turning it around in Rome?

Kvist: It's going to be a difficult and strange game. Of course we'll give it everything, but they don't come much harder than this. We haven't given up yet, though. On Sunday, it's business as usual in the Bundesliga with the visit of Hamburger SV. That won't be easy, will it?

Kvist: No, that's right. It's a really important game for us and we'll be giving it everything. We want to be fighting higher up the table and to put some distance between us and those behind us. We haven't picked up enough points so far in the second half of the season. We want to change that on Sunday.

Jens Fischer reporting from the Mercedes-Benz-Arena