London - Javi Martinez more than lived up to his lofty price tag against Arsenal FC, helping FC Bayern Munich to a convincing 3-1 victory in Tuesday's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg.

After the game, the Bundesliga's record signing spoke exclusively to about Bayern's first ever win in London and some "top fixtures" ahead in both the Bundesliga and DFB Cup. Javi Martinez, do you think Bayern are pretty much through to the quarter-finals on the back of that 3-1 away win?

Javi Martinez: By no means. There are still 90 minutes to be played against a big club with great players. We shouldn't take the return leg lightly. But most would agree that Bayern completely outclassed Arsenal...

Martinez: I agree. We were involved right from the off and put in a convincing performance. We kept it tight and defended well which stopped Arsenal from applying their quick passing game. The early goal helped us, of course. Tonight's performance whets the appetite for the return leg. Manuel Neuer conceded his first goal in 2013 - did that come as a bit of a downer?

Martinez: Yes, that really hurt. We could have avoided it and been in an even better position going into the second leg. Nevertheless, a 3-1 scoreline is a good result. Can anyone stop Bayern this season?

Martinez: I don't know. We're playing some really attractive football this season and creating a lot of goalscoring opportunities. We're also very solid at the back. We've struck up a good balance. We'll have to put in everything to ensure we keep performing at the same level throughout this crucial phase. Next up is Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga and you'll be facing back-to-back champions Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Cup next Wednesday. Are you already setting your sights on those matches?

Martinez: We've got a number of top fixtures coming up and we can begin to dream about those. Lots could be decided in both the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup in the coming weeks. Your 15-point advantage over Dortmund should be enough for the Bundesliga title, though, shouldn't it?

Martinez: We don't care about the lead. It isn't over until the fat lady sings.

Interview by Michael Reis