Klaas-Jan Huntelaar's goal right at the end of the first half helped FC Schalke 04 battle back to a precious Champions League point after trailing 2-0 at home to Arsenal on Tuesday evening.

It also took the Dutch striker's tally to four in four games in the tournament so far. But it was an incomplete night's work for the Royal Blues as far as Huntelaar is concerned, who reflected on Schalke's general prospects in the Champions League and the status of the Bundesliga after the final whistle.

Question: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, from the spectator's point of view that was a cracking match against Arsenal...

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar: It was certainly an exciting game for the fans. Very intense, with four goals and plenty of excitement at both ends. As far as that goes, the crowd will have headed home very satisfied.

Question: You don't seem quite so satisfied yourself. Are you disappointed with the outcome?

Huntelaar: On the one hand it has to be said, there was more in it for us than a single point. We had some clear-cut chances that we could and should have made better use of. And then we would have left the pitch as the winners. On the other hand, we messed up twice and paid for it by going 2-0 behind. So under those circumstances, you should actually be happy enough to have made good on that against such a strong and experienced side as Arsenal.

Question: Your goal paved the way for the comeback.

Huntelaar: It was important for us to pull one back before the interval. Unfortunately we weren't able to follow up on that with a quick leveller after the restart. But it says a lot for our team spirit that we kept plugging away and we were eventually rewarded with another goal.

Question: You had the opportunity to equalise yourself early in the second half. Did you have too much time to think about it as you went one-on-one with the Arsenal keeper?

Huntelaar: It's difficult to explain. You have a split-second to make a decision, and in this case I made the wrong one. First I was going to chip him, then I decided to stick the ball in the far corner. I always watch the keeper's movement before I decide what to do. At that moment he was still on his feet, but then all of a sudden he was on the ground and able to make the save. I knew straight away that it would have been better to lob him, but it was already too late.

Question: Even with that, the Champions League seems to suit you better than the Bundesliga this season...

Huntelaar: I'm not sure if that's really the case. But obviously it's great that I've been able to score in every Champions League game so far. I'm trying just as hard in the Bundesliga, but at the moment it's simply not working out as well.

Question: After the two good showings against Arsenal, Schalke are still top of Group B and have their fate very much in their own hands. Will you make the most of the next opportunity to qualify, against Olympiacos?

Huntelaar: That's certainly our aim. We're playing at home, in front of our own fans, and it's about time they got to celebrate a Champions League success first hand. So far we've won twice on the road and drawn both of our home games. But Olympiacos are a handy side, and we have to remember that. They've beaten Montpellier twice and still have every chance of going through. We'll be giving it our all, but we can't afford to underestimate our opponents.

Question: Is making the knockout phase still the overriding priority, or are you already thinking in terms of finishing top of the group?

Huntelaar: Winning the group is important to us, because that increases our chances of getting a slightly easier opponent in the last 16. But we need to take it a step at a time. The first thing to do is ensure that we actually qualify. We can do that by beating Olympiacos. And if we go into our final game at Montpellier top of the group, we'll do everything in our power to retain that position. But as I said - one step at a time.

Question: As well as Schalke, your neighbours Dortmund are likewise causing a stir in the Champions League and FC Bayern are also on course to qualify. Does that underscore the Bundesliga's high standing in the European game?

Huntelaar: This matchday's another demonstration of how good German football is. All three clubs showed that by winning their games two weeks ago, and these latest results for Schalke and Dortmund are very decent as well. But you can never rest on your laurels. The German teams have proved over a period of time how strong the Bundesliga is on the European stage. But we need to keep confirming that, time and again.

Dietmar Nolte reporting from Gelsenkirchen