Wolfsburg – After four years away, he is now back. During FC Bayern München's penalty shoot-out defeat to VfL Wolfsburg in the Supercup, Arturo Vidal made his return to German football with his first few minutes in a Bayern shirt.

The 28-year-old spoke to reporters at the Volkswagen Arena afterwards about his return, showing altogether more joy at being back in the Bundesliga than disappointment at not getting his hands on a trophy – just yet.

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Question: Arturo Vidal, what were your feelings when you took to the field in a Bayern shirt for the first time?

Arturo Vidal: I felt good. I'd trained with the team already and I'm pretty pleased with my game. Obviously I'm not pleased about the result because we lost, but it's important for me to be able to get some minutes and to get onto the field as this gets me a bit closer to the team.

Question: Have you missed the Bundesliga?

Vidal: Yes (smiles). I had four great years away from the Bundesliga but I'd always hoped to come back one day. It was always one of my big wishes to come back here and I'm delighted it's now happened.

Question: You got a yellow card with practically your first involvement in the game…

Vidal: That's my way of playing. It's my style and I don't think it was too hard [a challenge].

Question: You then took the first penalty in the shoot-out. Is that a sign of things to come?

Vidal: No, no. The coach told me that I should take the first one and it was no problem for me. I felt confident and I put it away.

'I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake'

Question: You've trained under Pep Guardiola and your new team-mates for a few days. What are your impressions so far?

Vidal: I'm really pleased to have come here. It's really impressive how things work here. I think I've got some great team-mates who give everything for the team, the atmosphere's great and I'm delighted with the way I've been welcomed here.

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Question: You won the Copa America not long ago, how are your fitness levels at the moment?

Vidal: That's true, the Copa only just ended and I didn't have much of a holiday. I've only trained a few days since, but I'm fortunate in that I generally find my form quite quickly. I'm still going to need quite a few training sessions with the team to get into top form in time for the start of the Bundesliga season. The first few sessions were really good, but I need a few more days to get to know the team and be as fit as I want to be.

Question: You also intend to learn German, have you already started?

Vidal: Not yet, no. But I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake and I desperately want to master the language. I hope to be able to speak German soon. There are some South Americans and a few players who speak Spanish at Bayern, but I want to be able to get my message across on the field and that's why it's very, very important for me to learn German quickly.

Sebastian Stenzel reporting from the Volkswagen Arena