Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara singled out RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner and Schalke counterpart Leon Goretzka for particular praise, prior to Spain's 1-1 draw with Germany on Friday.

Thiago started the friendly contest in Düsseldorf, where he lined up against a handful of his Bayern team-mates and numerous rivals he is used to facing in the Bundesliga, including the on-fire Werner – a forward he says bears an uncanny resemblance to a Spain legend.

"He's unbelievably quick," Thiago said of Werner, who fired Leipzig to their first ever win over Bayern last weekend. "He reminds me a bit of a young Fernando Torres. He has incredible acceleration and is always looking for gaps in the opposition defences."

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Helping him shore up any gaps in front of the Bayern defence next season will be Goretzka, who Thiago also spoke highly of in an interview with Spain's Marca. "My impressions are that he is a very good player and will do us a lot of good," said the 26-year-old.

Thiago welcomes reinforcement for the record champions' midfield, since he has no intention of letting Bayern's recent success dry up. He admitted the 2017/18 Bundesliga title is already in the bag, but they still have the UEFA Champions League and the DFB Cup to fight for – and that is only as far this season is concerned.

"The Bundesliga's won," Thiago said. "We're already champions, but we have to win. The next game's against Dortmund and we have to go out there with the idea of winning and that match should serve us well for the upcoming Champions League games.

"Winning should neither bore you nor be forgotten or taken for granted. What you don't want is to relax during a season because then you can fall into an oblivion. That's what a player doesn't want. You want to compete and win. Nobody wants to lose because everybody wants to be remembered in football."

Thiago (r.) says he will never tire of giving Bayern's fans titles to celebrate. © gettyimages / Guenter Schiffmann

Thiago has already ensured in five years at Bayern that he will forever be held in high esteem by Bundesliga fans, but he still feels he has plenty to give.

"I work hard and try to help as much as I can," he said. "That can be seen in Bundesliga matches. Last season, I was the one who made the most ball recoveries in the league and had one of the most interceptions in all of Europe. I always work hard defensively."

His and Bayern's defensive work will have to improve, now he has the new Fernando Torres to try to tame.

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