From The Rock at the back to Tom Brady pulling the strings in midfield, this all-star XI would take some beating. - © © DFL DEUTSCHE FUSSBALL LIGA
From The Rock at the back to Tom Brady pulling the strings in midfield, this all-star XI would take some beating. - © © DFL DEUTSCHE FUSSBALL LIGA

The Rock, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Conor McGregor: a Bundesliga cross-sport Fantasy XI

Usain Bolt's announcement that he will be going on trial at Borussia Dortmund got our thinking caps on here at Bundesliga towers, leaving us to wonder what a dream XI made up of sport's other biggest names would look like.

Goalkeeper: Harumafuji, sumo wrestling

Turning to a 4-4-2 formation in order to shoehorn in this galaxy of superstars, this is what we here at came up with...

It's a lesser-known football truism that every great team is built on a big Mongolian in goal. Well, big is relative: Harumafuji was always one of the lightest men in sumo wrestling's top flight, the Ulaanbataar native in 2012 becoming the lightest man in the highest division for 20 years.

Still, weighing in at a mere 137kg/302lbs, Harumafuji would be a nightmare for opposing strikers in one-on-one situations. On top of that, according to Wikipedia the 34-year-old has long been "noted for his technical skill," leading to suppositions that he'd be more of a shot-stopper than a sweeper-keeper.

- © gettyimages / Keith Tsuji

Left-back: Rafael Nadal, tennis

According to what his lifelong friend Joan told Marca last April, after Nadal had won his 10th French Open title, "From a very young age Rafa was very good at football, he was a centre-forward. I think he liked football more than tennis back then."

The nephew of former Spain international Miguel, Nadal has long been a football fan, noted for his support of Real Madrid and hometown team Real Mallorca, but in our team we're shifting him to left-back, from where he'd launch one swashbuckling raid after another down the flank.

- © gettyimages / Clive Mason

Central midfield: Tom Brady, NFL

There's a reason that in football parlance of recent years, a holding midfield creator has become known as the quarterback (think peak Xabi Alonso). That reason is perhaps Tom Brady.

Quite simply, who better to have pinging passes around from the base of an attacking formation than one of the NFL's greatest ever players and a five-time Super Bowl winner? Clutch in the big games, even at 40, Brady would run the show.

- © imago / ZUMA Press

Central midfield: Conor McGregor, boxing/MMA

The best midfield pairings tend to be formed of one creator and one destroyer (think of Bayern Munich's 2012/13 treble-winning season with Javi Martinez and Bastian Schweinsteiger). With Brady taking on the creative artistry, who better to be in the destructive role alongside him than Conor McGregor?

With his mixed martial arts and boxing skills, the roguish Irishman would gleefully snap at opponents' heels all day long, providing the perfect platform for the other midfield stars to get to work. Oh, and imagine the behind-the-scenes Instagram footage.

Left wing: Steph Curry, NBA

Three-point play is a regular theme when Curry is around, so just imagine how lethal his shooting from outside the box would be when stationed in a left-wing position – James Rodriguez and Naby Keita, eat your hearts out.

- © gettyimages / Sajjad Hussain

Striker: Dirk Nowitzki, NBA

With all the individual mavericks in the side's attacking line-up, someone has to do the dirty work and tee up Bolt. That's where Nowitzki comes in.

A power forward by name and by nature, the seven-foot German could be just the man to win the aerial duels and flick it on for his Jamaican partner to chase. It would no doubt be one of the less conventional little-and-large pairings of all time, but it would work a treat. Also an underrated shooter in his own right, watch out for Nowitzki's long-rangers every so often.

- © gettyimages / Rob Carr
- © gettyimages / Hofmann / Bongarts