2017/18 Bundesliga Team of the Season: Goalkeepers

With the 2017/18 Bundesliga season almost over, it's time to honour the players who stood out from the crowd. Now is YOUR chance to vote for the bundesliga.com Team of the Season. First up are a trio of candidates - Lukas Hradecky, Jiri Pavlenka and Philipp Tschauner - whose rapid reflexes have them in the running to be named as the team's goalkeeper. Click HERE to vote for your 2017/18 Bundesliga Goalkeeper of the Season!

Lukas Hradecky(Eintracht Frankfurt)

Frankfurt is a city known for its financial shrewdness, and Eintracht certainly picked themselves up a bargain when they signed the Slovak-born Finn from Brondby in 2015. Blessed with that invaluable quality of being consistently reliable, should Hradecky leave the club in the summer, it will be a huge task to fill his gloves after a gold standard season.

Jiri Pavlenka (Werder Bremen)

If Hradecky is the Flying Finn, Pavlenka is the Bouncing Czech. The Werder Bremen number one has been busier than most this season, but he has excelled, giving a side with a deserved reputation for its attacking flamboyance a solid foundation. The fact they have conceded just three goals more than second-placed Schalke 31 games into the season says it all!

Philipp Tschauner (Hannover)

If Hannover are not in their recent default mode of battling against relegation, they can thank their goalkeeper. While his teammates have not been able to sustain the high level of play that saw them numbered among the top-six contenders in the Hinrunde, the same cannot be said of their number one.

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