Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng believes his side have an advantage against Bayern Munich, and should not be taken lightly in the DFB Cup Final.

“Why shouldn’t it be Frankfurt? We are feared. We are respected because it's hard to play against us,” said the Ghanaian midfielder.

After watching the Bundesliga champions in the league all season and in the UEFA Champions League, Boateng thinks he has discovered the magic formula for winning the cup. For one, they must take the chances they do get from the Bundesliga giants.

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“[Real Madrid] has shown how to beat Bayern, make two goals four goals, we have to be compact, we cannot concede. We have to use the few opportunities we do get,” said Boateng.

Boateng also pointed to another aspect of Bayern’s tactics that Frankfurt will look to exploit.

"Bayern may have a weakness by defending very high,” said Boateng. “As a result, they take a big risk because then they have fewer defenders behind the ball. If you can play that fast as an opponent, you'll get scoring chances.”

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