Official Fantasy Bundesliga: What's new this season?

Official Fantasy Bundesliga gives you the chance to prove you’re a Bundesliga expert. There are some changes to the game compared to last season so bundesliga.com guides you through what you need to know.

Star players

Don't forget: This season, the Official Fantasy Bundesliga is also available for download from the App Store and Google Play!

First up is the most important new addition to the game. Last season you were able to nominate a captain for each Matchday, who would earn double points. For this campaign you can name a star player in defence, midfield and attack, who earn 1.5x points. That means you can make even more astute managerial decisions in the hunt for more points.

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Appearance time

The way in which points are awarded has also been modified slightly. Here we explain them:

Previously a player was awarded a point for playing up to 45 minutes, two for up to 80 minutes and three for the full 90 minutes. This has now changed to one point for a player who features for up to 70 minutes and two points for anything over 71 minutes.


Assisting a goal is now even more important. An assist last season was only worth two points, but that has now been increased to three for a striker and midfielder, four for a defender and ten for a goalkeeper.

Providing the assist for a shot now also brings in points. One point will be awarded for every two shots set up by your player.