Official Fantasy Bundesliga: How to create your team

Official Fantasy Bundesliga gives you the chance to prove you’re a Bundesliga expert, but there are a few rules you have to be aware of as you build your squad for the new season. bundesliga.com guides you through the process...

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You begin with an initial budget of 150 million to assemble your squad, which must consist of 15 players.

Your squad must be made up of:

    2 goalkeepers5 defenders5 midfielders3 strikers

Every Bundesliga player is assigned a market value at the start of the season. Study the list of available players carefully before bringing your squad together. Each manager can only have one squad. Additional squads will be deleted.

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Picking your starting XI

When your squad is complete, you have to name eleven players for your starting team. Only players in this starting XI will earn points.

Players can only be deployed in their nominated positions. A midfielder therefore cannot play in defence or attack, for example.

The position assigned to a player will stand for the entirety of the season. The position they actually play in for real Bundesliga matches is not relevant to points scoring. The accumulation of points for a specific player is based on their assigned position in the Official Fantasy Bundesliga game.

Substitutions on Matchdays

As a manager, you can make substitutions in your team whenever you want. If a player is removed from your team after their match has begun on that Matchday, then their points will be lost and he cannot be placed back in the team again that Matchday. Players can be added to the starting XI at any point before their respective game has kicked off that Matchday.

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