Official Fantasy Bundesliga gives you the chance to prove you’re a Bundesliga expert. When you’ve assembled a top team it means points accumulate all by themselves. Here explains how your players can pick up points.

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Every player receives points for his actions on the pitch based on the statistical analysis of the game. Players pick up points for positive actions but can also lose points for negative actions.

For example, a player will earn points for scoring a goal. However, his position on the pitch is key here because a striker will receive three points, a midfielder four and a defender six. If a goalkeeper manages to score a goal, he will receive ten points.

Winning challenges is also an important factor in the game. A defender will earn three points for every five successful challenges in a match, with midfielders and strikers both picking up two.

A player will lose points, for example, if he scores an own goal (-4) or is sent off. Being dismissed for two yellow cards will earn three minus points, whilst a straight red is five.


New features: Star players

You are able to nominate three star players on any given Matchday. One in defence, one in midfield and one in attack. These players will receive 1.5x points. If there is no star player nominated in a position, then they will not receive this boost.

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