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In time for the start of the new season, is delighted to bring you a new and exciting feature: the official Bundesliga Predictor! Prove how much you know about the Bundesliga! Get involved and you could win a trip for two to a Bundesliga match of your choice!

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Prove how much you know about the Bundesliga.

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On each matchday in both the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, you will have the chance to put your knowledge of the German game to the test by predicting the result of each fixture – all 612 of them. You will receive points not just for guessing a perfect score but also for correctly predicting a win, draw or loss as well as the margin of victory/defeat.

You can also build on your points haul by making additional predictions, such as who will win the league and who will finish as top goalscorer. There are some brilliant prizes to win, so come and have a go if you think you are an expert!


Each player starts on zero points, and you can start at any time, even if matches have already been played. You may submit or amend a prediction up until five minutes before the match kicks off. The 'predictor time' prompt, which you will see displayed when casting your predictions, will remind you when your time is up.

Points system

4 points – perfect score

3 points – correct winner/loser and margin of victory/defeat/draw

2 points – correct winner/loser

For example, if a match ends 2-1, you gain:

    4 points if you guessed 2-1 (correct winner/loser and scoreline)3 points if you guessed 3-2 (correct winner/loser and margin of victory)2 points if you guessed 2-0 (correct winner/loser)0 points if you guessed 2-2 (incorrect winner/loser)0 points if you guessed 1-2 (incorrect winner/loser)
Likewise, if a match ends 1-1, you gain:

    4 points if you guessed 1-1 (exact winner/loser and scoreline)3 points if you guessed 2-2 (correct winner/loser)0 points if you guessed 1-0 - incorrect winner/loser

Prizes will be awarded to individual players only, so your individual ranking is decisive.

Additional predictions

Each additional prediction can be submitted before the final deadline for the relevant match. Points for additional predictions will then be calculated at the end of the season.

For each correct additional prediction, you will receive 4 points. For additional predictions where there are two possible outcomes, you will receive 2 points per correct prediction. In the event of several correct outcomes, all users will receive points for a correct prediction.

Rules for groups

Each player can create a predictor group. Groups are set up via a password and may only be joined with this password. The password can, however, be disabled in order to make the group open to the public.

A group must have a minimum of three players in order for the group to be entered into the rankings. Each player in a group is also ranked and players can see their individual ranking. Only the points tally of those players who were registered in a group on or before the relevant matchday (not calendar day) will be considered.

For each five players in a group, the lowest-scoring prediction of the matchday will be excluded. A mean points score will be calculated and rounded after each Matchday, with this score added to the total points score.


On each matchday, there are great prizes on offer for the best players. And if you stay on the ball for the entire season, you could win something spectacular. The prizes to be won will be confirmed very shortly!

In order to take part in the official Bundesliga predictor game, you will need to register on Via this login, you may submit or amend a prediction up until five minutes before a match kicks off. You must submit a valid email address in order to receive a confirmation email and prediction game reminders.

If players finish with an equal number of points, lots will be drawn to decide the winner.

Show off your Bundesliga knowledge with the Official Bundesliga Predictor