• Mainz getting over the jetlag on day one in the USA.
  • Martin Schmidt's men with two light training sessions in Colorado.
  • Bundesliga club preparing for 2016/17 season stateside.

1. FSV Mainz 05 have landed in the United States of America for a one-week pre-season training camp, part of the Bundesliga World Tour.

After a ten-hour flight from Frankfurt to Denver, the team arrived in their 'Lodge at Flying Horse' home for the next seven days in Colorado Springs, with sweltering temperatures greeting them on the other side of the Atlantic.

A bit of jetlag ensured the first 24 hours stateside were all about acclimatising, and it was no surprise to see some of the players out of bed already seeking breakfast in the early hours as their body clocks still need to adjust.

Martin Schmidt's men will be laying the foundations for the 2016/17 campaign in the USA at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and a preliminary training session saw them break their first sweat on Sunday morning.

The squad still found time to watch the final of UEFA EURO 2016, before another fitness session rounded off Mainz's first day in Colorado, and the first full day focusing on preparing for the coming season from the 05ers US home.