Official Fantasy Bundesliga: Choosing a captain with James 'The Coach' Thorogood

So you’ve picked your squad and selected your starting line-up – now you need to choose a captain.

When it comes to tactics and formations, you’ll struggle to find anyone more knowledgeable than James 'The Coach' Thorogood. Not only does James know every Bundesliga player inside out, he also has a keen eye for the bigger picture. He is regularly spotted discussing tactics with Carlo Ancelotti over a plate of pasta, and has also been seen animatedly moving salt and pepper shakers across the table while out dining with Thomas Tuchel.

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In our Official Fantasy Bundesliga, he scores you double points. So he’s the single most important player in your team, and picking the right captain is often the difference between a good fantasy weekend and a great one, between the ecstasy of beating your mates and the agony of having to listen to them telling you how much better they are than you! So choose carefully!

I don’t usually deal in clichés but goals do change games, and in Fantasy Bundesliga, you’re awarded the most points for goals scored, goals assisted or clean sheets kept. The beauty of that is that it means you can choose a player in any position – provided he tends to do one of those three things – to be your captain and you’ll earn yourself some points.

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For example, if your goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet, he’ll score three points, which double to six if he’s your captain. You could pick Manuel Neuer, who kept 20 clean sheets in the Bundesliga last season, and you’d collect a healthy stream of points each week, in addition to the extra points Neuer could earn you if he finishes on the winning team, saves a penalty, wins five challenges or more – or even scores or assists!

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