• Vidal one of a growing number of Latin American players in the Bundesliga.
  • Battling midfielder going into his second season at Bayern.
  • Believes he is at 'the world's best team'.

Arturo Vidal is gearing up for his second season with FC Bayern München, following a trophy-laden debut campaign in Bavaria.

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It has been quite a year for the midfielder, who helped Bayern to a fourth straight Bundesliga title and the DFB Cup, as well as being part of the Chile side that won the Copa America for the second successive year.

With the launch of the official Bundesliga website in Spanish, we spoke to Vidal about how the league is thought of in Latin America and about his favourite memories of his time in Germany so far.

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Vidal: It was something that had been missing because people in Latin America need to see the good football that's played here in the Bundesliga. This is something that's very good for everyone, and for the Bundesliga. You were very young when you first arrived in Germany. What did people know about the Bundesliga back then?

Vidal: When a player joins a foreign club, people follow him closely. That's what happened with me when I was at Bayer 04 Leverkusen, and even more so now that I'm in the best period of my career. There are lots of Bayern fans in Chile. Did people know about the Bundesliga?

Vidal: Yes, and they would look everywhere to try and watch me play and to find out more about the team, but with all the things there are today, people are a lot closer to the Bundesliga.

“Back with my loved ones again! Love you lots. The only thing is that Alonso wants to steal my headphones.” How has the Bundesliga shaped you as a footballer?

Vidal: I first arrived here when I was in my initial stages as a footballer. I grew a lot and then went to Juventus, and now I'm at Bayern, which I think is the nicest moment of my career. I'm playing in the best team in the world, so I'm happy. Is the Bundesliga and Germany your second home?

Vidal: I feel at home here, I've been made to feel at home here and I'm very happy because of that. You have returned to Germany this summer having won a second Copa America title in as many years with Chile. Has playing in the Bundesliga influenced your performances with the national team?

Vidal: Yes, a great deal. I had a great year and the only thing I didn't win was the Champions League. I've grown a lot in the year I've been here, and that helped me get into top form to win a second Copa America title.

Vidal played in five of Chile's six matches at the 2016 Copa America A lot of Latin American players have arrived in the Bundesliga in recent years. What do you make of that?

Vidal: It's great that more players are arriving here because the football played in the Bundesliga is very good, it's fast and it helps players develop. I hope a lot more arrive. What is your favourite anecdote from your time in the Bundesliga?

Vidal: One of the things I remember a lot is that I would go out on to the street and try to communicate with people with sign language. I'll never forget that. I'm trying to learn German quickly so that I can speak to people here, which is something I wasn't able to do before. Do you see yourself finishing your career in Germany?

Vidal: I don't know but I'd love to, because the team has a lot of quality and it's a great club. I'll try to do my best and be here as long as possible.