• Josue won the Bundesliga in 2009 with Wolfsburg.
  • Now an ambassador for the club.
  • The Brazilian accompanied the Wolves' reserve side at the Florida Cup 2017.

As captain of the VfL Wolfsburg side that stormed to the Bundesliga title in 2009, Josue was an instrumental figure in the Wolves' greatest triumph to date.

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Now an ambassador for the club, the 37-year-old former midfielder has been accompanying the VfL reserve team throughout their participation at the Florida Cup 2017, where they helped secure the silverware for Germany – alongside fellow participants Bayer 04 Leverkusen - thanks to two victories in the Sunshine State.

In an exclusive interview with, Josue discusses Wolfsburg's trip stateside, what it feels like to win the Bundesliga and what made that 2009 crop of players so special.

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Josue: It's a very well-organised tournament with great people involved at it. It's a very nice event. Big teams are here from Brazil, South America and Europe. I'm very happy to be here. How important is it for Wolfsburg to be represented here?

Josue: I think it's very important to become better known in the world, in Brazil and in the Americas. Although they're here with the reserve side, I think they've played very well and that's helped Wolfsburg. I've accompanied the team at training and have seen a lot of great qualities in the team. They've got young players who have a lot of ability. I'm very happy to be here participating with Wolfsburg.

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Josue: Very well. There are lots of Brazilians here too, so I feel at home! America has welcomed us here and I think we've left them very happy too. You were captain of the 2009 Bundesliga championship side. What does it feel like to win the Bundesliga?

Josue: I was very happy and very excited too. I was very proud. I have to say thanks to all my team-mates from back then who played with me when we won the title. And now I'm very happy to be representing Wolfsburg here at the Florida Cup.

Josue (c.) lifts the Bundesliga title aloft in 2009 after helping Wolfsburg climb from ninth place at the halfway stage of the season. © imago / Team 2

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Josue: I think it was down to the togetherness we had as a team. We trusted each other. The organisation was perfect too, so all of that together helped us win the Bundesliga. What has changed since you last played in the Bundesliga?

Josue: Well I think Wolfsburg have been getting better every year, and there are great players now. Obviously, when I played we had a lot of international players in the side, whereas now there are youngsters and Wolfsburg are trying to develop them as players to have an opportunity to show their talent.

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Josue was speaking to Jonathan Stockitt