If there is one man capable of eclipsing Gerd Müller's record single-season haul of 40 Bundesliga goals, it is FC Bayern München's Robert Lewandowski.

The Poland international striker has found the net 15 times so far in 2015/16, with a third of that impressive Bundesliga tally coming in a freakish nine-minute spell against VfL Wolfsburg on 22 September 2015.

Speaking ahead of next week's Bundesliga restart, the 27-year-old discussed his achievements in 2015, his aims for club and country in the year ahead and playing alongside some of the best players in world football.

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bundesliga.com: Robert Lewandowski, you were recently voted Polish Sports Personality of the Year 2015. What does that mean to you?

Robert Lewandowski: I'm very, very proud. It's the first time in 33 years that a footballer has won the award. The last year was unbelievable for me. The national team and Bayern played really well, and I hope this season will be even better than the last. I always want to win trophies. If you win trophies, you're happy. We're focussed on trophies at Bayern. We also have targets we want to achieve as the national team at EURO 2016 in France. We have to go for it!

bundesliga.com: How did the people around you react to this special accolade?

Lewandowski: I've already spoken about it with my family and, of course, my wife. They're all delighted because football is a big deal to a lot of people in Poland. Poland has a population of almost 40 million people. I'm really happy to have won this award as a footballer.

bundesliga.com: Your personal highlight of 2015 was probably your five-goal salvo against VfL Wolfsburg. What memories do you have of that glorious night?

Lewandowski: I know that this is a story that I'll take to my grave. It's really very special. I had no idea what I'd done in the first few days after the game: five goals in nine minutes! As a kid, I never dreamt that I'd score five goals, especially not in nine minutes. Then I go and do it. Sometimes when I think of the game, I don't quite know how it happened. But I'm really happy that it happened in such an important game against Wolfsburg. They were 1-0 up, I came on and scored the equaliser. Then it just carried on. That's football: you never know what's going to happen.

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bundesliga.com: You scored four goals for Borussia Dortmund in a UEFA Champions League match against Real Madrid CF. How do you feel after games like that?

Lewandowski: After games like the ones against Real Madrid or Wolfsburg, you're very happy and relaxed. It's important to keep your behaviour in check. You shouldn't have a blow-out. You have to stay focussed on the next game, regardless of how much you're having to talk to the media about it. Football is always the number one priority. You do have time for everything that happens, but you have to know when. That's why you have to stay calm. A couple of days after the Wolfsburg game, for example, we had another Bundesliga game - after that one in the Champions League. I just want to play well and score the next goal.

bundesliga.com: On the subject of your title prospects in 2016: how important is it for FC Bayern to defend the Bundesliga title?

Lewandowski: We have to give it everything right until the end, regardless of how many points clear we are. Right now the gap is eight points, but we're not champions yet. It's best if we stay focussed right until the final game. It's important that we give our all in the Champions League as well as the DFB Cup, regardless of who we're playing.

bundesliga.com: At the start of 2015, FC Bayern were in the running in all three competitions...

Lewandowski: We know what we did wrong last year, and I hope we do a better job of it this year. It doesn't matter if we have a five- or eight-point lead in the Bundesliga because that's two, three games. Everything can change. In the Rückrunde, we cannot allow ourselves to make so many mistakes if we want to win the title.

bundesliga.com: Your nearest rival for the title is probably Borussia Dortmund. What do you make of their revival compared to last season?

Lewandowski: I'm still in touch with people at BVB. They're playing really well this season, in the Europa League as well. Last season was verging on the catastrophic and I don't really know why. They're a quality side with a lot of good players. They're playing a bit differently compared to last season. They haven't just shown how many goals they can score. They've got a lot of potential - in defence as well as attack. We'll be fighting with BVB up until the final game. That's good for us, too.

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bundesliga.com: Some of the injured players have returned to team training in Doha. How do you rate Bayern's squad?

Lewandowski: We still haven't all played together, so we've had a few problems. But when everyone's fit, we have unbelievable potential and enormous quality. That's what we have to show on the pitch. Sometimes you can have a lot of good players, but it just doesn't click. You can see that on the pitch. That's why we all want to pull together in the same direction. It doesn't matter who we're playing against or with what line-up, we all want to score goals and win games.

bundesliga.com: How difficult is it playing against teams that largely just set up to defend?

Lewandowski: At first, perhaps we had the problem of setting up too defensively - with a four- or five-man defence and two holding midfielders - but we've learnt how to go about things better against teams that play very defensively. For me as a striker, it's always difficult if I have to fight for every bit of space. It's difficult to finish moves off. We mustn't forget to stay calm and do our job, though, even if we sometimes concede. In Gladbach, for example, we fell behind and immediately went in search of the equaliser - that was a bit hectic. That's why Gladbach were able to score the next two goals, and then there was no way back.

bundesliga.com: Pep Guardiola is only in charge until the end of the season. What's your take on the upcoming change?

Lewandowski: I'm the kind of guy that only thinks about the current season. Like I said, we want to pull in the same direction and hopefully at the end of the season celebrate together. What happens after that is another story. It's something new. This year we want to win the Bundesliga and the Champions League with Guardiola. They're very important goals for us. Coaches, and players for that matter, come and go - that's football sometimes. That's why we should only be thinking about this season, just the Rückrunde even. After that, there's a new pre-season, a new season and new objectives. The most important thing is the here and now.

bundesliga.com: Finishing on another subject: if you had to, who would you say are your top five Bundesliga players?

Lewandowski: It's really difficult just to choose five players. There are a lot of very good players in our team alone. Of the forwards, Thomas Müller is very good. So are Douglas Costa, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. That's four - other than me of course (chuckles). Kingsley Coman is also a very good player. He's still young, but has unbelievable potential. He can still get better and show how good he is, especially in one-on-one situations. And outside Bayern? [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and [Marco] Reus are top players! I've trained with both, so I'm in a good position to judge them. If you've only played against a player once, it's hard. But if it's every day in training and on the pitch, you really get to know a player's qualities.

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