• Renato Sanches to join Bayern from SL Benfica on five-year deal
  • Portugal international boasts 137,000 followers on Instagram

Just 18 years old and already being lauded as one of world football's brightest young talents, Renato Sanches' stock is set to rise even further after signing the dotted line on a deal to join FC Bayern München this summer.

Part and parcel of being a modern day footballer is staying connected to a global fan base and, while Sanches' is still growing, it's fair to say he's not afraid of giving his supporters an insight into his life using his personal hashtag: #RS85. In a team with social media moguls David Alaba and Mario Götze, Bayern fans can look forward to what their new signing will make of his online presence. takes a look at some of his best social media contributions…

After being named 'Shooting Star of Portuguese Football'

He's got moves on and off the pitch

Flashy new boots

Privy to the trending topics

He may not score often, but when he does...