Ever wondered how to navigate the maze of German football vocabulary? Well wonder no longer because the Bundesliga stars are on hand to help you out!

Every Monday and Thursday, bundesliga.com - with a helping hand from some of the top-flight's biggest names - will be teaching those not so familiar with the wonderful German language a new word from the football lexicon.

Dictionary: Click here for an overview of our Bundesliga dictionary

Even better than that, though, is that with the hashtag #FootballGerman, you can converse with fellow German-language beginners around the world as to which is your favourite word!

So, with no further ado, here is lesson one...

Lesson 1: Fallrückzieher

© imago / Hübner

We start of with a tricky tongue-twister, which combines the guttural German 'r' sound with the joys of a 'u' with an umlaut. Literally meaning "fall-back-shot" - a shot taken with your back to goal while falling towards ground - the English equivalent is an 'overhead kick' or 'bicycle kick'. Enjoy the video below to see Robert Lewandowski, Salomon Kalou, Vieirinha and many others attempt to pronounce Fallrückzieher.