The biggest sporting event on the other side of the Atlantic was a draw for many Bundesliga stars, who stayed up late on Sunday night to follow the 50th Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California.

The Denver Broncos had clearly been watching the Bundesliga on Matchday 20 and seen that the best route to victory was to have a sterling defence, earning the respect of several of their ilk from the Bundesliga. Accordingly, rounds up the best social media reaction to the Broncos' victory over the Carolina Panthers...

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Half-time - the entertainment never stops

The entertainment does not stop at half-time in the Super Bowl, however. Bruno Mars, Beyonce and Coldplay's Chris Martin kept the 71,000 assembled fans happy as the players took a deserved break, and their performance also drew widespread approval.

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Broncos or Panthers?

Opinion was divided over who to support, with the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers splitting the Bundesliga stars.

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Preparations underway

While the NFL stars were getting ready for the biggest moment of their season, it was time for the Bundesliga stars to sit back in the comfort of their own living room to watch on, with plenty of coffee on order to ensure getting through the night without dropping off!

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