SV Darmstadt 98 are selling off a number of colourful player portraits, with all proceeds going to children's cancer charity Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.

Memorable scenes involving Darmstadt head coach Dirk Schuster, captain Aytac Sulu, right winger Marcel Heller, midfielder Jerome Gondorf and unmistakable forward Marco Sailer have all been captured on canvas. Each piece of signed artwork will be sold for a fixed price of €1898 - Darmstadt's founding year.

Inspired by the fans

"The paintings show the moments in which the fans really sparked something off inside me," explained the local artist responsible for the work, Jill Klohe, herself a Lilies supporter. "The painting is huge [of me]," Darmstadt defender Sulu added. "I'd never have thought it possible to work to this sort of scale."

Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V. was set up in 1983 by parents of young cancer sufferers being treated at the University of Frankfurt's children's hospital, with the objective of improving the conditions and facilities at children's cancer clinics and providing counselling and financial assistance to those affected.