• Challenges won are the top of Flo's list.
  • Breaking down the fixture list another key.
  • 'The Scout' loves discovering a good bargain buy.

Dear Official Fantasy Bundesliga fans, you find me in the midst of the November blues. Outside, it’s cold, wet and almost constantly dark plus – worst of all – the Bundesliga has taken leave for the international break. There is to be no tinkering with my Official Fantasy Bundesliga team, and no cheering the glorious domestic action in front of the screen.

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1) Challenges won

For the wise old sages among you, this may not seem like news, however, challenges won have become one of the main sources of points in Official Fantasy Bundesliga. In order to convert your team into an Autumn sensation, pick up those combative players! 

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2) Broad selection

A good fantasy squad should not only contain eleven star names, but needs to have depth in order to provide you with flexibility of choice on Matchday.


3) Star turns and bargain operators

If you want a squad containing 13 outfield players who regularly play, a compromise is needed with a limited budget. Fantasy bargains can reap rewards and, furthermore, allow you to boast expensive big guns such as Robert Lewandowski and Anthony Modeste in your ranks. Kerem Demirbay (3.7m) and Benjamin Henrichs (5.8m) are two prime examples of superb cut-price, high-yield performers. 

4) Guaranteed starters

Look for players who are undisputed starters with their respective sides, making certain that you have individuals who are used nearly every weekend. In general, substitutes find it tricky to pick up many fantasy points.

5) Tactics

Take time to think about the precise formation you will use. Although you can replace players over a weekend, your tactics remain set to those you have initially chosen prior to each Matchday. It is not a question of doggedly sticking to one formation, but to adapt your playing philosophy depending on your points needs.

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6) Make those player changes

Take a look at the order in which the teams containing your players will play over a given weekend. Try to have all of your players involved as the games start to roll in and later replace those you need to ahead of Saturday evening and Sunday’s action.

7) Keeper boost

You can even apply the previous recommendation to your goalkeepers. Using two keepers involved in separate kick-off times gives you double the chance of gaining a clean sheet, and the five points that feat brings!

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8) Transfers

Use the three transfers you have between Matchdays resolutely. There are always areas to improve, even in my team!


9) Schedule

Keep a close eye on who is playing whom and at what time in order to be able to assess the Matchday team changes you want to make. Another important factor to keep in mind is the opponents your players will face; for example, a goalkeeper who has an away game in Dortmund may be unlikely to collect many points.

10) Captain

This is without doubt your most important player, after all, he will earn you double points! Try to take advantage of the fact that you can change the captain’s armband during a Matchday. If a player you have chosen as captain does not deliver the anticipated performance on a Friday, for example, just pass the armband over to someone else playing on Saturday. 

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