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Draxler on social media

Wolfsburg - Despite being a bona fide Bundesliga star and FIFA World Cup winner, VfL Wolfsburg attacker Julian Draxler has not let his success go to his head and he remains a down-to-earth, likeable figure.

It is little wonder, then, that the recently-turned 22-year-old is a popular presence online - despite not being on Twitter - with over 160,000 Instagram followers and 1.4 million likes on his official Facebook page. bundesliga.com takes a look at some of his most interesting social media contributions...

Boys and their toys...

Modelling the new work uniform with new team-mate Dante...

Farewell message to Schalke

"Yesterday a very long time at Schalke came to an end for me. Thank you for everything to all Schalke-ites! I'm really looking forward to my future with Wolfsburg and to a great season in the Bundesliga and the Champions League."

Swivel hips

Celebrating a goal with former Schalke colleague Franco Di Santo...


Draxler posted the following message to his friend and former team-mate Atsuto Uchida: "Dear Uchida-San, I hope you get well soon and that you can return to Schalke fit and healthy soon. We miss you my friend!"