Wolfsburg - Just over two months ago, Dante moved from FC Bayern München to VfL Wolfsburg, but the Brazilian has barely had time to miss his former team-mates, whom he meets for the second time in five weeks on Tuesday.

After the humiliating 5-1 defeat in the Allianz Arena on Matchday 6, Dante tells bundesliga.com why his team can win this week's DFB Cup showdown.

Question: Dante, what are your thoughts on your first eight weeks at VfL Wolfsburg?

Dante: I'm very happy. Mainly because I've been able to integrate into the team so quickly. I settled in very quickly and was able to adapt to Dieter Hecking's style relatively easily, even though it's very different to Pep Guardiola's. But I know I can still improve.

Question: Specifically, how can you improve?

Dante: I didn't get much playing time in the months before I left Bayern, so I needed a bit of time to find my rhythm. I'm on the right path now, though. As far as the team goes, we need to improve the balance between defence and attack, but I'm certain that it's getting better with every game. We're still lacking a bit of ruthlessness in front of goal, but that's also improving. When we can just play with a bit more intensity going forward, we'll be able to achieve our goals.

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'Playing with Naldo is a lot of fun'

Question: Are you happy with how the Bundesliga season has gone so far?

Dante: In general, yes, even if the 1-1 draw against Hannover was a missed opportunity, particularly as Hannover were lacking confidence at that point and we failed to exploit that. We were also ahead in that game, and we shouldn't be letting those positions get away from us. In Ingolstadt, too, we could only draw 0-0, but it was the first game for both me and Julian Draxler, so it was difficult to force the win. Ingolstadt have also had a fantastic start to the season.

Question: How is it working alongside Naldo in central defence?

Dante: Very good. We communicate a lot, and we complement each other well. Naldo is a very crafty and intelligent player, so we understood each other quickly. It's a lot of fun to play with him.

Question: There are eight games to play before the winter break. What are your aims ahead of Christmas?

Dante: We want to be in the top four at least, and not let Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 out of our sights. We also need to maintain the distance between us and teams like Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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'The whole Bayern team is dangerous'

Question: The next game is at home to Bayern in the DFB Cup. How will you approach the match, five weeks after the 5-1 defeat in Munich?

Dante: We can't compare the two games. In a competition like the DFB Cup, everything is always possible. I believe in the team. But we have to play confidently and enthusiastically from the first whistle, otherwise we will struggle to get past Bayern. Under no circumstances should we think about the defeat in Munich. That would be pointless.

Question: Arsenal showed how to beat Bayern in the Champions League last week...

Dante: They did. We definitely need to stay tight at the back, which we did in the first 50 minutes in Munich. If we do that, we'll have a chance of winning the game.

Question: Will Robert Lewandowski be the biggest danger again?

Dante: The whole Bayern team is dangerous, not just Robert. We can't afford to lose our grip on Bayern, and we need to work as a unit, otherwise it will be very difficult to make it into the last 16.

Interview by Alexis Menuge