Mario Götze (l.) has seen both sides of Der Klassiker with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.
Mario Götze (l.) has seen both sides of Der Klassiker with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Borussia Dortmund's Mario Götze: "Der Klassiker is a special game"

Mario Götze has gone from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich and back again via a World Cup-winning goal, on-pitch troubles in Bavaria and off-the-pitch illness at BVB. It is a journey that means - for him - Saturday's Klassiker has an extra-special flavour. Mario Götze, how are you feeling after a run of games in the first-team?

Mario Götze: I feel good, I'm very fit. We're doing pretty well in the Bundesliga – it's not been great in the Champions League, but for me, with everything that’s happened, I'm positive compared to how it was. I feel good.

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Götze: Looking at the table, first against second, that's something special. It has to be a good game and we're really looking forward to it. We'll see what happens. You've played in 15 Klassikers. What's your fondest memory of the game?                

Götze: My fondest memory? I think I scored my first goal in the Allianz Arena, from a corner. I have no idea when that was! Time goes by so fast, but that was a big moment, for sure.

Watch: Götze came back to haunt BVB in his first Klassiker as a Bayern player What feelings go through your head in the build-up to such a big game?

Götze: There's definitely a sense of anticipation, you can feel how important the game is. I think every player feels it before the game, and then of course when you go out to warm up. Also on the bus, when you get off and head into the stadium, I think everyone is aware that it's a special game. How do you rate Bayern right now?                   

Götze: They have amazing quality, they're back on top of the table now. They have some great individual players and that's why they're so tough to beat. We need to make sure those moments that didn't quite go our way in the past fall our way this time, and we need to be on it in the decisive moments. How big of an advantage is it to have the Dortmund fans behind you at the Signal Iduna Park?                            

Götze: You see the fans, the masses stood outside, and you're focused on the game. That's when it really gets going: when you drive to the stadium. The noise levels go up for games against Bayern. You really appreciate it.

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