Mario Götze came to a fan's aid after responding to his Facebook post
Mario Götze came to a fan's aid after responding to his Facebook post

Götze comes to fan's aid after virtual penalty miss

Cologne - FC Bayern München superstar Mario Götze has responded to a Facebook post and come to a young fan's aid after his virtual alter-ego missed a last-minute penalty, causing the supporter to throw his controller against the wall so hard that it wasn't able to be used any more.

'I promise, I'll score the next one!'

Mario Thissen, a Bayern supporter according to his profile, addressed a Facebook post to the club, complete with picture of the broken controller, jokingly demanding compensation for the damage caused. "I'm asking you to tell Mario something," Thissen wrote on FC Bayern's official page. "Hello Mario! You owe me €49.90 for a new controller. You missed a penalty in the 90th minute, thanks a lot! I'll send you my bank account details tomorrow. Best wishes."

The attacking midfielder, currently on holiday prior to the start of the champions' pre-season training on 1 July, replied shortly afterwards. "Hello Mario," he wrote. "Missing a penalty in the 90th minute is incredibly annoying. Anyone would of course be frustrated and I can understand that. Why didn't Thomas Müller take it? You can't just throw your controller away though, that won't help very much. I'm preparing a little package for you, and I promise, I'll score the next one! Best wishes, Mario. (P.S. Have a look in your 'Other' messages folder.)"

What will be in the package remains to be seen, but with Götze having just left Hawaii, Mr. Thissen might be hoping for more than just a controller.