Does the phrase 'a goal came out of nothing' sound familiar? That is what Mainz's players probably felt when Marcel Sabitzer put RB Leipzig 1-0 ahead on Wednesday night, given the way they glared into space, disbelief written all over their faces.

Mainz had largely controlled proceedings at the Opel Arena until Leipzig struck, sparking a riot with both teams going hell for leather for the points. To reduce Sabitzer's headed match-opening goal to a bolt from the blue would not be giving the due credit to a man who has made a habit out of creating such moments, however.

Sweden international Emil Forsberg once again was the cunning architect, his kung-fu-style leap earning possession and his backheeled cross befuddling the entire Mainz rearguard, and the numerous fans watching on.

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After a second successive win, Forsberg's European forays next season may not be limited just to games for his country: Leipzig are well on course for UEFA Champions League football too, and the continent's leading assist provider - with 13 to his name - is having to get used to answering questions in an array of languages, such are the demands he can expect representing Leipzig next season.

Leipzig's wing wonder got in some practice on Wednesday night...

Forsberg admitted Leipzig really had to fight hard for the points on Wednesday in Mainz. © imago

Question: Emil Forsberg, that was a pretty tough night for you, wasn't it?

Emil Forsberg: Yes, it was a very difficult match. Mainz refused to lie down and they were in it right through to the final whistle.

Question: I guess you could expect that, given where Mainz currently are in the table...

Forsberg: We knew it was going to be a tough game and they played a lot of long balls to [Jhon] Cordoba and I've got to say he's a great player. But we're happy to have got these three points in the end.

Question: Tell us something about your sensational assist for Sabitzer's opening goal.

Forsberg: I just wanted to get the ball into the middle really.

Question: Is this kind of back-heeled trick something you've picked up from watching Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Forsberg (smiles): Yes, almost. It's true – I have seen him do it one or two times.

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Question: But you were not too happy to be substituted...

Forsberg:  Yes, but that's how it is sometimes when it's a tight game and you want to stay on the field, but of course I can understand the change and the most important thing is that we won, of course.

Question: After Naby Keita made it 3-1, why were you applauding for such a long time?

Forsberg: It was a very important goal and a pretty one at that. Look – if he hadn't scored that goal, we would have drawn 2-2.

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Question: Your young defender Dayotchanculle Upamecano was substituted even before half-time because he was at risk of getting sent off. Does he need a lot of your help to learn?

Forsberg: No, I think he played really well. It was a difficult game for him against Cordoba, who's a very robust player. That's not easy. He had been booked and so you've got to do something, but he's still a very good player and I've never doubted him.

Question: Your own development is also still continuing...

Forsberg: It was a game full of challenges tonight and I wasn't really involved to begin with, but in the end we won and I provided two assists.

"We've got a lot of players who are good on the ball and can put ideas into practice, but as a team we're super." - Emil Forsberg

Question: You've become a key figure in Leipzig's game and are always being sought by your team-mates...

Forsberg: Yes, but we've got a lot of players who are good on the ball and can put ideas into practice, but as a team we're super.

Question: Your rivals Hoffenheim and Dortmund both won on the day before your game – did that have any influence?

Forsberg: No, we didn't even talk about our rivals. We just wanted to win here and we've done that, and now we move on to our next game.

Question: But you must have heard about their results..

Forsberg (smiles): Yes, because I'm interested in football, but I'm focusing on our football and on what we're doing.

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Tobias Schächter reporting from Mainz